Mouse Recorder for Mac

Ever got stuck doing a function on the computer over and over again? We're in the 21st century. It is simply unacceptable to manually preform loops of commands on a computer. I recently tried JitBit's mouse recorder for Macs, and I loved it! Using it was pretty straightforward. You turn on the recorder, perform your mouse and keyboard commands, and it will record it! You can even make it replay for several times and have it perform tasks overnight, or make it perform them faster.

If you wanna check it out:

Blazer Printer Cover Page

Meg Whitman
Hewlett-Packard Headquarters
3000 Hanover St.
Palo Alto, CA 94304

Dear Ms. Whitman:

We are writing to you about our new product, Blazer, an inkless printer that uses only lasers to print. This revolutionary design of printer relies on the thermal characteristics of lasers to leave impressions on the paper. Our product will eliminate the ink cartridges and toners that are required for the current printing methods. Ink is responsible for the majority of printing cost. In addition to reducing costs, several engineering methods, such as thermoelectric coolers, have been adopted to increase the energy efficiency of our product.

Printing is required to complete many basic working tasks both in personal and professional lives, therefore the Blazer Printer has a substantial market potential. The concept of inkless printing can be further extended to fit different customer needs, for each of which different models have been designed. Customers from major businesses and corporations that require large amounts of printing, and individuals who are seeking a more convenient, low-cost way of printing will be satisfied with the Blazer. Its preciseness, fast speed and reliability will prove to be far more efficient than printers on the market today.

After profound research and development on the Blazer Printer, our team sincerely hopes that our product can prove its worth in both improving people’s daily lives by removing all inconveniences involved in printing today and protecting our planet by consuming less energy in printing. We would like to thank you in advance for your consideration.


The Blazer Printer development Team

I Have Chem

This is how I once decided to express myself in terms of chemical concepts.. 92.6% people who took chemistry won't understand this.

My World as a Painting

I live in a painting. My world is a piece of abstract art; I will not change the colors, I will not change the lines. The only thing that I will change is the interpretation and meaning of that abstract painting.
I come from the Muslim world. I will not change the colors; I will not change the values; I will not change the lines; I will not change the principles. In my world, my duties are to worship God and to make the earth a better place to live. My parents brought me up in the religion that emphasizes honesty, kindness, respect, and kinship. Islam is my guidebook, it shows me the red lines I should keep away from, such as dishonesty, violence, and cheating, but leave my creativity and imagination to determine which way I choose to follow the rules. I choose to build the earth in a way compatible with my interests. I choose to use my knowledge to bring out the new and the beneficial. I choose to pursue my education in chemical engineering to solve problems and to have a background in the science that will help me come up with and make inventions that will hopefully improve my community’s and surroundings’ conditions. I’ve already started with my attempts to create things and to give better alternatives. With better education and a higher degree, my ideas will reach to a higher standard; I will then be able to fulfill my duty as a Muslim.
The painting I live in will never change. The only variables are others’ perspectives and their interpretations. Unfortunately, the media has a strong influence on many classes in diverse communities and has shot the painting from an angle which shows the flaws in the painting caused by the others living in the painting. The media captures Muslims who don’t represent their religion, and leaves out the angle that shows what Islam is all about. My dream is to filter the camera lens of the media and to adjust the angle. My open-mindedness and interaction with others on an international level will always proliferate my individual efforts to tell the world that I am a Muslim and I am peaceful. I have been misjudged, misinterpreted, and misunderstood. This, however, can be changed. For the way someone understands the meaning of an abstract painting changes according to the mindset of the observer, and the factors that may affect how he sees it.
Even if I stay away from home, I’ll always belong to that painting. It never depended on where I am, but on what I believe in. I believe in God; I believe in justice; I believe in positive change; I believe in peace; and I believe in myself.

(College app essay)

Artist as an Engineer

I was born an artist. I see shattered colors that make up a random pattern beautiful, but others don’t. An artist's job is to use the raw colors to invent a new product so that everyone can witness the beauty. My love towards the colors is enough for me to produce something with them to the world so that all will feel their importance.
Likewise, this is how I imagine myself as an engineer, an artist. My job will be to bring out pure science, like colors, in a way that all will witness the beauty of it. Most of my classmates back in high school hated science and math, but their blackberries are attached to their hands and Facebook is on their laptop screens all day long. Here’s where engineers come into the picture. They take science, because they’re able to feel the pleasure and significance of it, and convert it into something more productive so others will share their feelings.

On my senior year of high school, my physics teacher taught us how to write lab reports for the first time. To my surprise, it wasn't part of the curriculum, but the teacher believes that it is vital to graduate knowing how to write one. Our teacher gave us the chance to choose any unprecedented experiment idea related to optics, electronics, or thermodynamics. I was very thrilled and excited that we actually had the opportunity to be creative and decide whatever we’d like to work on, for usually topics of projects that count a big part of our final grade were already set up for us. I came up with a long list of ideas. However, the teacher found a problem in every challenging idea I got excited about, so I ended up choosing something seemingly simple; studying the relationship between heat absorption and color.

I assumed that there were already researches available on the topic I chose, but most of the information I found was limited. What I found was all about black absorbing more heat energy than white, but I was trying to find something about colors. I came up with two experiments to collect data to analyze. I kept complaining about how simple my project was, when I wanted something more engrossing. I expected to find a straightforward relationship between wavelengths of the colors and absorption, but I didn't, and that was the challenge. I then became more enthusiastic about it. I read about colors and different ways they were categorized, and tried to see what independent variable would make my data make most sense. I reached to a point where my teacher couldn't keep up with me when I got deeper into my readings. I asked university professors and physics tutors whom I found their contact information online, and each gave me a different response. I had to choose what seemed right to me based on the data I collected. In the end, emissivity of colors turned out to be the variable I was looking for. However, after all my work, I realized that it's not what I'm made for.

An engineer would use that science in an application. I got a full grade for the report, but not according to my own standards. I decided to write an additional lab report, where I’d use the theoretical knowledge I’ve acquired to serve a purpose. I wanted to find out how an animal’s coat color affects its water consumption. In order to do so, I used two rabbits; a white one and a black one, to see which one consumed more water. According to my findings from the previous report, the black one absorbs more heat energy, and will lose more water by sweating. Consequently, the black rabbit will consume more water to compensate for the water loss. I separated the rabbits in two cages, and gave them the same amount of food and water each day. The graduated water bottle helped me measure the daily consumption. The black rabbit did indeed consume more water, but unfortunately, its life came to an end.

I remember when I was younger, and faced difficulties (like running out of tape), I used to whisper to myself, "think like a scientist," to come up with solutions to resolve the problem. It's different now; a scientist will find the answers. "Think like an engineer, Mayada." That's what I tell myself now, for an engineer will take scientists' answers and put them into action. I will take the colors and will mix them. I will use them wisely, but creatively, and you shall see the painting.

(College app essay)

Sympathizing Physically

One can never appreciate what one has until one loses it. I have faced a challenge that gave me the chance to appreciate whatever I took for granted; my eyesight, hearing, and balance.
Three years ago, I was diagnosed as a Multiple Sclerosis patient. As much as I felt that the disease was a curse and an obstacle in my life, I’ve learned to look at it from a different perspective. Since the illness affects brain cells, the attacks, or relapses, can happen anywhere in my body. Every once in a while, I had to go through a relapse. I’ve gone through vision problems; double vision and unclear vision. I couldn’t hear the teacher even if I sat in the front in class. Once I even lost my balance and couldn’t walk, and I had to use a wheelchair for the first time in my life.
Given that there’s no known cure for the disease, and it will most probably accompany me for my whole life, I decided to be more positive about it. Each time an attack occurs I temporary lose a blessing, just to feel how important it is to me, and to sympathize with others who suffer from such losses permanently.
My disease was the biggest challenge I ever encountered in my life. However, if I had the choice to make it go away, I wouldn’t. The lessons it taught me, and the experiences I had because of it added to me. I’m not blind, deaf, or paralyzed, but I know exactly what it feels like.

(College Essay)

Home Sweet Home :(

Today, I visited my REAL home with my granma and brother to get some stuff before my dad sells/rents the house.. After I got what I needed, I sat and started weeping.... All the memories.. Most of my life was there.. I miss my room.. I miss the kitchen.. I miss the whole cozy place, rather than the house I moved to which is about 3 or 4 times bigger than this one... Everything reminds me of memories.. I miss it.. Every snapshot I took has its impact on me..

I used to be the one who plays basketball, but I saw a ball back there that I didn't even recall using. It must have been mine but it hurts me that I can't even remember. It's like time passes by and I keep losing memories.

See the water tank? That made me lose grades in physics 1. The question was: where is the best place to place a water tank, up the roof, or on ground level?.. Logic told me up the roof, because we wouldn't have had to use a water pump. Reality told me that our water tank is on ground level. Reality made me lose a point or two in the final physics exam.


Room, dear, room.. The days I had a queen sized bed.. Everything in the house I live in is bigger, except for my room. I remember when I entered my room today, and I had a weird feeling and I cried. I miss it.. I miss the desk I where I used to study, draw, use my laptop.... etc I miss my closet.. It used to hold anything and everything! I miss that couch where I used to restrict my lil brother, Yazeed, o it whenever he decided to hang out in my room. I miss my pillows. I miss my bed. I miss my striped walls. I miss my guitar I never used. I miss the books I got but never read. I miss having TWO windows instead of one. I miss the carpet that could get darker or lighter, depends on which side u "comb" it. I miss that "chamber" that used to hold all my art supplies. I miss trying to get my lil bro out of the room when he makes me chase him around the room, up and down the bed, around the sofa and out of the door. I miss the scratches and holes on the outer side of my bedroom door that indicates the time Yazeed was trying to get me to open the door. I miss my surround sound system, where I can throw my own DJ party in my room during study breaks. I miss the "hide-outs" for hiding my junk whenever I'm supposed to "clean my room". I miss controlling the AC from my room, and how I used to turn it off after the shower, and my older bro, Talal, comes knocking my door telling me to turn it back on, for it controls the AC in his room too. I just.. miss my room the most!

The way to achieve your goals is to have them clear in front of you. Apparently, none of the goals I put for last summer were achieved. I still admire how I used to write my goals on that board. It's sad that I can't get myself to actually do what I've written, but at least I try. Now I have my iPad to organize my goals/projects/schedules.. Still, this continues to be a nice memory reminding me of the hardships I faced before I got the iPad :P

Dad's office. Always has been a total mess, but now it's messier than ever. I remember the times my dad used to sit on the chair and my two brothers and I try to find space to sit or stand around him, as he shows us cool stuff on his "latest" computer. I remember how my dad had every latest technology in this little space under our stairs. We used to call it "Al-Mamlaka Al-Mahmoodya", which means the Mahmoudya Kingdom (my dad's name is Mahmoud)

Ahh, my first article published in Aramco's newspaper, The Arabian Sun. Abdullah Joma'a, Aramco's former president, wrote me a letter longer than my own article complementing me for writing it. I was 12. My dad got excited, and he put both the article and the letter in a frame. That frame had hung on my wall for 6 years, until today.

Oh our carpet stairs! The set of 50% of the times I fell. I remember how I used to race Yazeed to reach my room and lock the door before he could catch me. I remember the sound, the beat, I used to climbed up the stairs hurrying to the room right in front of it upstairs. Unlike the cement stairs in my new house (I don't even feel comfortable saying MY new house), these stairs leave little or no injury when you fall (very useful for someone like me). I remember when Yazeed and I used to climb down the stairs slowly wearing roller skates eager to try out our beginner skills in skating.

YAZEED'S ROOM! He has better furniture than I do. I have no idea why he preferred my room over his. Maybe because he loves me too much, or he just want to satisfy his duties as a brother and annoy me. His bed is the most comfy bed in the house! When I visited the room today, I didn't even try to lie down there, or I know I would've never gotten up. I miss lying there from time to time, urging Yazeed to chat with me in HIS room not mine for once. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, the mirror that shows you a full view of yourself. I remember my mom and I used to go to his room whenever we're all fancy and dressed up for an occasion to check ourselves out with our awesome dresses (I love dresses!)...

Talal's room... for some reason when my parents used to gather all three of us for lectures, uhh, I mean,, pieces of wisdom, we used to come here. Now the carpet is removed (long story) and everything (like the rest of the house) is chaos. I remember how Talal used to treasure cool stuff in his room and gives off some of them to Yazeed and me every once in a while. That cart on the right has the COOLEST stuff. Today, Talal gave me the last piece of treasure he kept as new as he did with his SAT books. But of course, when Talal went to the US for college, a lot of his valuable items magically disappeared from his room and, magically reappeared in my room's drawers.

KITCHEN! The second most place I spend my time in. This kitchen has witnessed all the times I tried to cook, all the times I ate sandwiches between every two meals, and all the times I tried weird projects or experiments. I remember the cabinet doors that used to fall on my head sometimes. FUN..

The living room.. Wow, the silly remote fights (I was always the bystander, the fights take place in this room and between Talal and Yazeed). Ahh, I remember when we used to sit here whenever granma comes and get some BASKIN ROBINS ICE CREAM <3 I remember how we used to eat lunch here sometimes and violate mom's rules (no eating in the living room). However, I remembered how it was "ok" to eat here whenever mom joined us during lunch or dinner..

Best room in the house. LOVE the furniture. Reminds me of the times I gathered my friends in Ramadan or in other occasions. I remember how my mom hand picked every piece in that room. I remember how proud she was after it was all ready and perfect. Now, it's all going down the drain. We will take the furniture but all the painted walls and the floor's ceramic also took their share from my mom's efforts in this room. Every piece and every color completed the other.

What used to be a heaven, full of green plants and colorful flowers, is officially a desert. Everything was so beautiful and soothing.. I liked it when we occasionally dined outside. I liked how we used to play in the grass.. I liked it when we sat under the gazebo and chilled with friends/family. It was such a nice garden. All that faded, and now I can't remember how heavenly it really was. Memories.....

I used to play basketball with Yazeed here. I always won and he always cheated. He wasn't so bad, he's a good shooter, but I guess I'm better :D

Last, and LEAST.. I'm not really gonna miss this, but it's a memory.. This is a school right next to our house. Boys used to wreck whatever belonged to us outside our house (like the car... one is in the garage and one isn't), and they used to gather and hang out here, and we used to get bothered by them each time we come from school because they blocked the way..

Overall, I'm gonna miss my house.. and I really regret that I recall so little memories. After all those years I lived in that house, this is what I remember?!
Anyways, now I'm gonna go wherever destiny takes me. Away from Saudi maybe, and I'd have a lot more to miss! But that was the last time I visit our house, and now, whoever's gonna stay there shall make new memories and erase every hint of my own off that building.. I love you bait al-dana!

It's Seeping through your Clothes!

  Your shoes, your clothes, your pens, your notebooks, even your food are infected with a deadly disease. Wear your shoes too long and you might end up getting infected with it. What is it, you might ask? Is it deadly? Yes it is! It is so deadly that its effects are not apparent only after decades. What is it, maybe we can help get rid of it, cure those infected with it? No you can't! Unless you have the will power of 6 billion people on planet Earth. It's everywhere. Every thing you see is infected with it, you might be sitting on it right this moment. You can't hide from it, you just can't.
 Ok I think I can take it, just tell me what it is! Fine it is the evil material we all well know as plastic. Plastic?! That's the disease you were talking about? Plastic isn't evil, it's the best material to human kind. That's what it wants you to think. It seeps into your clothes and your everyday lives making you think that you can't live without it. Then when you are addicted to it, it strikes its deadly stroke. What is going to do? It will kill millions of animals by invading their digestive systems, because animals were too naive to know that it isn’t food. Then it will it reproduce in massive numbers making humans trying to get rid of it anywhere, but the increase in the population will lead to throwing it out in the ocean. The ocean is huge; nothing will happen if we throw a few plastic bottles in it? What?! What about the fish and living creatures they will end up infected with it eventually. Who cares about fish? Don’t you love eating that creamy grilled fish fillet every weekend? Oh, never mind. Then after that humans will try to recycle plastic, but what they don’t know is that it will only make it stronger. Recycling may seem as a good idea, but it will only make them more addicted to it, because recycling just means wasting money, and making them think that they can't live without it. Then as everyone becomes addicted, the world will start to get hotter and hotter. That’s ok, I like the summer. Do you like that this so called summer will eventually melt the ice caps and boil oceans and erupt volcanoes? Plastic has deadly gases in it that emit every time we make it or recycle it. These gasses seep into the air and captivate the sun's rays making the world hotter. Some kinds of plastic even use CFCs in them. Wait, what are CFCs, and there are more kinds of plastic?! Yes, there are a myriad of kinds all eviler than the other. There is PET that we use in water bottles, and PS that we use in burger containers, PP that we find in food containers, and PVC that we find in our curtains. It's everywhere! Yes it is! As I was saying PS uses CFCs, or chlorofluorocarbons that when emitted creep up to the ozone layer and slowly gets rid of it. But how? The ozone layer is made up of O3, when CFCs comes around it turns it into O2, so basically deteriorating it. The ozone layer is responsible of blocking the sun's harmful rays from us. With no more ozone layer humans get infected with skin cancer and more. And there is nothing we can do about it.

But I'm sure we can think of something. The only thing we can do is stop using plastic, stop depending on it in everything we do and use, stop and look for alternatives, planet Earth is full of wondrous things we can use, yet we couldn’t find anything except oil! We can use bio-plastic, glass, or steel. Instead of using plastic bags, bring your own bag. Stop using plastic water bottles and buy a stainless steel one. If we can get 6 billion people to do that we can get our Earth back. The world will change, but the change starts with you.

Yours truley, Rowa, Mayadah, Fatima, and Maram...

How ignorance affects lives - Djibouti

Robert Gollery
October, 21, 2006

Ignorance results in several negative influences directly or indirectly. However, has it ever led to death? Most readers will answer yes, but the question is how? "Ignorance leads to unemployment, resulting in poverty, that gets us to hunger, and, eventually, death." says Dr. Olivia, a 36 year old German economics professor. She said that "not knowing" may not kill someone instantly, it's a deadly illness that takes time to kill rather than a murdering gunshot.

As much as what Dr. Olivia said makes sense, events has proved her partially wrong. In Goubatto, a city in Djibouti, ignorance killed its citizens directly. In 1999, the people of Goubatto started suffering from HIV/Aids. They were suffering from disease, and because of their ignorance, the disease kept spreading around the city. In January 2002, the United Nations provided a cure to alleviate the effects of aids. The UN even taught them how and when to use the medicine. Being ignorant, they did not really give a damn to the instructions, thinking that the more medicine they swallow, the better they will feel. They couldn't even read what's written about the dosages. By 2003, 3509 of them died, about 67% of the city's population.

That year, ignorance murdered 67% of Goubatto. It had immediate effects rather than seeking death as a long term effect. Who are those 3509? What could've they been? What difference does their death makes? What would Dr. Olivia say about this? Here you go, an example where ignorance had a gunshot effect. "We live in a time when reading and writing can affect your survival, back in the ancient times, when there weren't any languages, you could have survived without being literate." - (Olivia, 2004)

What to do?

Definition of a busy person: Ones who think that as soon as he's done with something, he's going to relax and take a break. However, that is not what happens, after he's done with his to-do list, another list is somehow created and has double the tasks the previous list had.

Example: Myself. I thought that after submitting my college applications I will have time to focus on school and write again after neglecting my blog for a long time. Now, I have to do many, many things this month.
1- Global issues project
3- Religion project
4- Physics project
6- Preparing for my next SAT subject tests
7- Homework
8- English Analysis
9- Complete English grammar workbook (hahahaha.. like I can?.. if only I had the time)
That's what came to my mind, I'm sure other tons of stuff will jump at me, begging me to find time to do them!!

A not-so-busy person: One who thinks that as soon he took a break and relaxed for a while, he's going to "do" something. However, that is not what happens, after he's done with relaxing, he finds nothing to do, and goes for a "one hour snooze" and finds himself waking up the next day at 12 pm.

The funny thing about it.. is that I prefer to be busy than not to be busy.. In fact, when I do nothing, I know I'll regret it later!! Don't you just feel wrong doing nothing?!

This post is pointless.

Re-NEW-ABLE Energy resources..

RE-NEW-ABLE energy resources, sources of energy that are ABLE to be RE-NEWed. What are we waiting for then?
Ok, so what if I'm against people who play with their food, even if it's on a very large scale (like the ones using corn as biofuel).. African countries are starving to death, and countries like the United States are using corn as an alternative to gasoline.... Not only that, every source of enery has its cons, but should that mean that we give up them all? The most fuels with negative points are fossil fuels.... with all their emissions and "mortality" because we're running out of them.. So, what to do??

I call researchers, engineers, and all the ones who have the power to make a difference in the renewable energy resources technology to develop and improve them in order to lessen the obstacles built right in front of them..

Just one thing.. I'd prefer Arabs are the ones who make the breakthroughs in these feilds.. (l0l).. we don't want our gas to be worth nothing one day, so if we were in charge of developing renewable energy resources........ we would have something other than oil to rely on economically..

Good luck everyone!

Islamic Monetary System vs. Money as Debt

The current monetary system that involves interests and debts is crashing. Apparently, the money printed and circulated among countries is printed in certain amounts where interests are not taken into consideration, resulting in putting many in debts, as they have to take loans to compensate for that amount of money that does not exist. When comparing that system to the components of sustainability, reality itself has proved that system to be unsustainable. The economic recession has proved the current most-wide-spread monetary system to be unsatisfactory to the economic component of sustainability. This has resulted in violations in the other components, society and environment. Socially, many have lost their jobs due to the fact that their employers cannot hand them their salary. This has lowered down the standards and the quality of life in many households. As for the environment, the result might not have been obvious, but the amount of money spent for the sake of the environment (ex. researches, recycling plants...Etc) reduced because the priorities has changed. It is more important to use money to solve immediate problems such as healthcare problems, nutrition, and hydration rather than spending it on the environment.

My recommendation/alternative monetary system is the Islamic monetary system. First of all, it is flawless, for the one who has put that system is the greatest of the greatest, the perfect creator of all human beings, God (Allah). When comparing the system to the components of sustainability, we see how Islam is a miracle. With all the technologies and knowledge man has reached to today, yet Islam fits in this century. The Islamic monetary system is sustainable when comparing it to the components of sustainability. Economically, when there are no interests in money and loans, the money cycle is in equilibrium. If the money cycle is in equilibrium, then it is going to be in a balanced status making it sustainable. Socially, as a balanced monetary system, everyone will enjoy their financial rights and will be –if God permits- in less monetary and job-loss risks. Environmentally, in contrast to the current popular system, money will hopefully be available sufficiently so that immediate problems would not drain most of the money.

An indicator that the Islamic system is sustainable is that it is still used today. Saudi Arabia is the best example of a country that implements that system (although it could be implemented in a better way that is more devoted, reliable, and honest). The system has been going here for many years and is still seen as an ideal system for the future. Saudis were not much affected by the economic recession as other countries. No one I know has lost his/her job. Other countries such as France are considering adopting the Islamic monetary system. Muslims should be proud to believe in a religion that includes guidance on what is best and how to live a balanced life.

(lol, 3ajabny my global issues course assignment :P)

الأمر بالمعروف والتلميح بفعل المنكر

اسمها هيئة الأمر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر، لكن، هل هذا كل ما يفعلونه؟ اكتشفت مؤخراً أن نواياهم النبيلة تختلف تماماً عما نجده في الواقع.. فأفعالهم ترسل رسائل لم تقصد (نتمنى أن تكون كذلك) .. دعوني آتيكم بالأمثلة

1- تغطية وجوه النساء في صور الإعلانات وترك شعرهن غير مغطى
الرسالة: يا بنات أهم شي في العالم تغطية الوجه.. حتى شعرك خلييييه مفتوح.. وجه المرأة عورة، مو عشان كذا الهيئة تمشي وتقول غطي وجهك؟؟

2- إرغام النساء بتغطية وجوههن وإحراجهن في العلن والمجمعات التجارية، والانتباه لأي عيب في محاولة البنت لستر نفسها
الرسالة: مكالمة النساء الأجانب عااادي.. وخصوصاً لو زوج البنت أو أخوها موجود لاااا تكلومونه للنصيحة، لازم تكلم البنت أحسن لك.. وغض البصر ماا فيه أي داعي.. (طبعاً المفرووض الهيئة تنشر الوعي بين الشباب انهم هم يغضون البصر، مو بس يركزون عالبنات) وأكييييد إنك تقول لبنت بصوت عالي ومحرج غطي "أي جزء من أجزاء الجسم" ماا بيخلي 99% من الشباب المحترمين يلتفتون لها

3- إغلاق غرف تغيير الملابس في المحلات التجارية للملابس
الرسالة: يا بنتي لييييش تغيرين في غرفة؟ محد بيشوف حلاتك إذا دخلتي هالغرفة.. الهيئة بنفسها تدعو لإغلاقها!! إذا غيرتي برا في المحل كللللل الشباب بيشوفونك من الزجاج حق المحل.. ليش تحرمينهم؟؟

4- حلق الشعر الطويل للشباب رغماً عنهم
الرسالة: الدين أببببد مو دين يسر.. وفيييييييه إكراه في الدين ونصصص بفضل الهيئة الله يخليهم، وإذا فيه شي مو عاجبك في شخص عادي حلالك تغيره وتسوي فيه اللي تبيه

طبعاً أنا متأكدة ان هذه الرسائل عكس ما تدعو إليه هيئة الأمر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر، لكن من المفترض دراسة تطبيقهم قبل أن يباشروا بما يخططون له..

The Younger Me

"My mother used to keep lists of different things, one that led me to this discovery. There were lists of the things we wish to have or do, one for each of my brother and me. When I read mine, I realized that it’s not just a list of needs and desire; it meant more. Each item on my list has evolved into a quality in my personality. Flower, the first item, could be interpreted as my tenderness and softness with whoever surrounds me and the ones I love and care for. “Learning second grade’s subjects,” shows ambition, as I was a first grader by that time. Colored pens, a sharpener and an eraser, reveal my interest in art, which I have improved throughout my life. A mobile, (which I never got until an older age), demonstrates the desire to be connected to others. A piano, to me, was a chance to learn more, as I would have to learn to play, as well as a buoy to help me learn how to swim. Traveling to Dubai illustrates how I like to travel, yet I am economically considerate for choosing a nearby destination. Swings, a slide, and a seesaw display playfulness and an urge to have innocent fun. A backpack from “Toys R Us” that could transform into a chair proves how I prefer the compressed and practical. New shoes portray an interest in fashion, and now shoes are what most interest me when it comes to clothing. Renewing my room’s furniture expresses how I like change and modification every now and then. Lastly, a mid-sized Qura’an (our holy book) symbols religious belonging. It symbols my Islamic identity. It symbols my beliefs and values. These items partly define me, and tell me who I really was.

Today, every item means something to me. Each item tells me about myself, and how I haven’t changed, but only developed what I already had all along. Trying to understand myself has been very difficult when I feel that my life is complicated, and that I have plenty of things going on, but trying to compare myself to what I was helped, as it showed me that a sunflower only grows from a sunflower seed, and I have grown from my own seed. Just like growing up makes you bigger in size when you’re still the same person and look similar to what you were, my different qualities have also become bigger in size, although not always for the best, for no one is perfect. Everything around me shaped who I am at this moment, nevertheless, no matter how much they see me unlike who I was in the past, the fact that I originated from that little girl I was ten years ago cannot be denied." (Alhashem, 2009)

Made in Saudi

How do we define our economy? How are we building our economy? How did we become a rich country? Oil. A short and efficient word that answers all these questions..

We are a country that depends on imports, and never depends on itself. When we take a look at our wealth, it's because of something we didn't work for or produce. It's because of the resources we're lucky to have. Well, I'm not willing to take our black gold for granted.

As Ahmad Al-Shugairy said today (25th August, 2009), Japanese people are not smarter than Arabs. Arabs have the potential and the capability, but we're not using our minds. We can develop ourselves, and become more technologically advanced.

If we ask ourselves how the east and the west are very successful, it's because of how wise they were when it came to utilizing their minds. They've depended on the science and knowledge that the Muslims have discovered before to reach far beyond what we have reached. Now, it's our time to contribute to the world by depending on the knowledge others have reached to benefit all.

I promise myself to try my best. "Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls)."
(إن الله لا يغير ما بقوم حتى يغيروا ما بأنفسهم)
Hopefully you will too :)


“No thanks, I’m fine.” I rejected the delicious cookie that was offered to me. I tried to imagine how would it taste in my mouth, but my imagination wasn’t advanced enough to let me feel anything in my mouth. I sat in my place, smiling, and cursing my shyness inside my head. What kind of ten-year-old girl would reject a cookie? This is how I was in my childhood. Maybe I was smart, hard-working, someone with high grades, however, that was it. I had a lot of chances in my life, but I let my shyness ruin everything for me.

I’ve always dreamed myself going to a college I really want, instead of myself in a wedding dress like most my age, and I planned to change myself to whatever the college I want would want me to be: a well rounded student. It was not until I was 14 when I changed. I opened up. I started utilizing chances and working with passion. I would have taken that cookie. I was pretty satisfied with what I am becoming. As time passed by, I realized: why should I become what they want? Acceptance shouldn’t be a goal. Acceptance should be an indicator that this place (college, workplace ...etc) is right for you.

Opportunities started appearing in front of my. Paths to several goals and targets came before me. I tried to make use of everything, causing myself a great deal of stress. In the end, when I list everything I did, I feel that it was indeed worth it. I experienced many things in my life that made of me a writer, an artist, a debater, a public speaker, and a leader, and I had many chances to expose the talents I have as each. Although none of them seems scientific, I decided on becoming a chemical engineer. I find it not only interesting, but also something I might become advanced in the future.

“Yes, thanks you! Can I have another piece?” I said confidently. What else could a hungry seventeen year old say? Nothing stops me from doing what I want.

Inventing Time

I have neglected my blog for a while now. Honestly, I don't blame myself. Time seems to be more limited than ever.

- "I haven't seen you all day! Open the door!"
- "I would, if only I could invent more time for you"

And due to time constraints, I have written the shortest post on this blog.

Stressful Lives

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the most competitive of them all?" I asked. "Well you of course!" the mirror answered. "No need for complements, I meant schools!" I said. "And how do you ask that? Definitely, it's Dhahran Ahliyya Schools!"

My cousin has been accepted to enter my school, Dhahran Ahliyya School (DAS). Dear cousin, we do not mean to scare you. We mean to congratulate you for accepting such challenge. "Mirror mirror on the wall, would she survive it? Or would she fall?" I asked. "Mayada, Mayada, Mayada, I do not have all the answers. I cannot understand human's infinite capabilities. You are a creature that surprises me. It is up to time and outcome to answer your question."

"Mirror mirror on the wall, I stopped repeatedly going to the mall! And I barely even play my favorite sport, basketball. Do you think she would have time? Or would having fun be a crime?" I asked. "Spending time on fun isn't time wasted, it is a prize you win that should be tasted," the mirror replied. "Mirror mirror on the wall, would she need my assistance?" I asked. "She will pay you back with resistance. Your help won't be for her sake, just let her figure out how to swim, and alone she'd cross the lake!"

"Mirror.." "Oh get done with it already! My shift is over!" the mirror interrupted.

To All My Dear Friends..

Dedicated to All of my dear friends. The sequence is meaningless by the way.

You are the most beautiful song in my heart, with the prettiest tune, and the most peaceful beats. You sing me a nice day, and you make me a smiling May :) One day, technology will (or at least I hope) enable me to download you on my i-pod!! :D

Samar Q
You are an inspiration to me, with a mind; an amazing creation. Hope you always be there to see, and a relationship that lasts forever, with you and me. You're "awesome".. You're the bomb..! literally :P Shocking, worth attention, but a BIT destructive :P

This year, I have discovered my soul mate. We are similar, and very alike, and though I think we're the same, I find it most interesting to be with you. I find myself inside you..

The innocence of innocence. A soft refreshing breeze that has a magical power to make everyone smile. Spreading her goodness everywhere, she decided to fly away. Wished that breeze lasted forever with its sweet scent!

My smiling laughing tree hugger, (def. "Mayada": leaning dancing tree branches). Your excitement touches me, and passion about the most noble causes. My tear would fall for you, but it would only try to express how proud I am of you.

Reem A
A deer, in her energy, and liveliness. A dear, in my heart and soul. A girl with much positive energy spreading around her, making whoever is near her grin. She plants roses and flowers everywhere, just to distribute cheerfulness and joy.

An artist who draws stunning charming wonderful images on paper, and draws even more beautiful images in reality by her presence. Her gifts to the world are what she can do by the gifts she has. She shares her talents, which makes her even more talented.

A shooting star you don't want to fade away as you're not done making your long list of wishes. But, for my lack of luck, unfortunately, wishing for you not to fade from my sight isn't a granted wish. So I can just wish that good-bye would be lighter on me.

Although she's a person who might always say: "this thing can wait," creativity and intelligence never wait or even hesitate before they appear in her writings, or even out of her mouth. Just give her the deadline, and she will be done by then.

Her morals and respect beautifies her. Dignity is the most precious thing to acquire, and she has realized this fact really well, and she shows it in her actions.

Who knows that beyond that angelic seemingly-innocent smile found a devilish smirk. Guess that runs in the family, eh cousin? But in the end, life is good as long as no one is hurt, which she always makes sure of. ;)

Sara A
An excited soul that sets no boundaries and flies beyond limits. Nothing is impossible, and if curiosity really killed the cat, Sara wouldn't be the live smiley light soul that appears in school everyday.

Lujain T
The girl with the style, the girl with the attitude, the girl with the talents, the girl with the smile, Tahlawy, you have failed to fail in order to stay for one more year. Still, I will remain happy after you're gone, only because I am sure that more are going to have the honor of knowing you.

(Giggles), "What's funny?" Doesn't really matter. A laugh is a cure of problems, shouldn't she be problem-free? She has beauty, yet her laugh completes her gorgeousness. She has intelligence, yet her giggles add flavor to her personality.

A leader, a member of a team, or an individual, she fits in all roles and parts. Someone with so many interests, and surprisingly, she excels in most of them. She proves to me and many that she is capable and a problem-solver.

Dana D
She could be described briefly in three words: pure, pure and pure. She masters and is really the best when it comes to three things: friendship, bringing happiness, and laughter. Three words, Dana: we-love-you.

Fun? Yes. Cheerful? Certainly. Loud? Hell ya. Dull? Not exactly. Boring? Not ever. Hmm, but this is not what you're all about. Behind that cheerfully-colored door that only shows you from the outside, having such an open personality let us enter that door to discover your softness, sensitivity, and kindness.

"Haha" and "Hehe" are common words in here language. Too common to the extent that you may think she speaks the language of Laughter or Chuckles. Keep giggling, as long as it doesn't affect your art and creativity.

The best neighbor to ever have, she keeps the music down, and her dog doesn't ruin my lawn, she's just the perfect person you want to live next to all year. A friend from childhood, a survivor in DAS, she knows well how to keep others entertained and comfortable.

Lujain M
She does have a quiet personality, but I don't. Nothing could stop me from expressing how she is in my eyes and heart. She may be quiet, but what she "does" shouts kindness and niceness with a deafening sound.

Noor G
Light it simply the right word for you. You are the light, in your brightness and cheerfulness. You are light-hearted. You are light, by being gentle. You are light, as you keep glowing everyday we see you and lighting everything around you.

Alya N
A beautiful pearl that was washed up in the shore, picked up and held all the way to our lives. Opening up your shell to others makes them happy, by discovering how beautiful your inside was, and how amazing your personality is.

You are a star in your own play. You are the center of your life. You are under the spotlights. You walk the walk, and you talk the talk. Your play is original and real, and you starring in it makes us more than happy to be part of it :).

Great minds think alike, and I'm starting to think that weird minds think alike too. Drinking red bull for energy, and shouting COW! for fun, giving you pretty pens :), and being forced to tell you good bye, we have so many memories together that still echo in my heart.

Why we're proud of you is not just because you excelled in riding a saddle of a horse, but because you have taken a huge step that proves that Saudi women are capable and skilled. You inspire much of us, and I really wish you were still here for us to motivate.

Sara Falih
Being a star isn't special now, there are millions of stars we know and love and there are even more shining brightly in the sky, but you are different, you are not one of those million, you are one OF a million. I know how you want to see yourself famous one day, but if you have to change anything about yourself to go through that path then becoming famous will degrade you.

Reema D
Remember how when you were young and you keep making faces, then they tell you "stop doing that or your face will be stuck like that" ? Well, I think that your weird face when you were young was a smile, because now you're stuck with a really big smile, whether you were upset or not. This smile changes your surrounding to be filled with positive energy. Thank you?

They say that the best friendship lasts forever. They never say that the best friendship has to have a long history, or any at all. Maybe now I don't know you well, but I still hope that we'd have a history in the future. Friends' lists have no limits and even if they did your name can help but be in it, or at least my list.

Maryam N
You are the probably the most girl making everyone a favor. In such school full of stresses, downs, and conflicts, you have this powerful ability to make us smile. You have kept many girls since we were kids ALIVE. I have been always wondering about how our stresses didn't kill us yet, but I discovered that you have part of the answer.

Al Maha
Although I haven't had the honor to live a life with a closer relationship with her, I know she's the sweetness of sugar, as pure and as white. Perhaps we have days to come and to spend more wisely. A special girl doesn't have to be close to whoever surrounds her for everyone to know that she is.

Al Hanouf
Humor, humor, and more humor; this is what is found her. This is what you experience when you spend five minutes with her. Her creativity in making us all laugh makes her dear and fun to be with. Her humor is young and cheerful, but not as cheerful as her.

Reem El A7mad
She's heartless and she's selfish. She left the school, but made us experience most of our school life with her presence, then she leaves to let us forget and miss what it used to taste like when she used to be in school. However, I will no longer be a victim to anyone's crime, I can still imagine her with me in the place we used to see each other. Maybe it would seem like obsession, but to me, it's the only solution.

Reem 7
A very, very talented girl. She knows how to move, and she got what should be moved ;) I never saw anyone who can dance as skillfully as her. Maybe this is only a hobby to her, or something she likes to do, but she doesn't realize maybe that what she does sure changes our moods and makes us excited. She stands out in group shows, and even when everybody is doing the same thing she still looks and is special.

I still remember how I wished to be her friend when we were young. She used to sit at a table during recess and tells stories about her full-of-action life. She used to speak of adventures and what sounded to me like a movie. She's an interesting person and you can never get bored of what she says!

A dear friend who will never be forgotten. As my name means that, well, I'm pratically a tree, she once made me bloom and blossom. The leaves, fruits and flowers I have shined and brightened whenever I was with her company. As long as she's present, this tree will -inshallah- never lose its blossoms.

Wow. Just wow. She has everything, yet modest and down to earth. I've never seen someone so smart, creative, social, and who has her own brand-name at the same time! Balance is today's problem I must struggle with daily trying to achieve. She will always be a model role to look up to when it comes to diversity in one's personality, and balance in life.

Summer A
Speechless I become when I speak of her. A true leader. A true responsible girl. One of the most trustworthy, or maybe, in our school, the only one ;) lol. You could always depend on her, with no negative "side effects" at all. She's a cure when someone most needs help to end the disease of chaos and disorder. When we're careless, she's careful. When we're lacking energy, she's full of it. God save her -"Allah ye7fa6'ha"- lol.

Nada M
They say that good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget. Actually, with you, it's a totally different case. You are easy to find, easy to approach, easy to deal with, easy to have fun with, yet still hard to leave, and VERY impossible to forget. Yet I do support what "they say", we always have to trust "them". Guess then you're more than a good friend. A lot more.

Lujain A H
A girl with an amazing voice and an even more amazing personality. They say singers aren't always funny, but she sure proved them wrong..! Missing her, lovin her, damjn it's been a long time!! :P Each year, a lot of special individuals leave, as she did, and today many leave for college. We're next. But Lujain is one of the ones who never really left school. Her spirit is still in it..

Zainab H
My laughing mate, my "7eshishing and ta7sheeshing" mate. No one can seperate us apart. Time hasn't, and that proves the strong bond we have. She graduated, but now we're closer than ever. True that I wish she was still with me, but what can I do other that just... gettin over it!! ;) You made my boring life an exciting one to live, and a life I would never wanna miss.

A teddy bear with a soft surface and a cute face, you can't resist a hug by her. She is unique in her excitement, and her positivity. They say smiling a lot could hurt, and I bet her face hurts real bad because she never stops smiling, or at least I hope so. HAHAHA :D
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind. Guess then I'm a horrible sister! Not that I intended to leave her, but this is how life goes. We graduate. We leave the younger sobbing, as we sob more than they ever will. You are one of the reasons I hate to be a senior. Thanks!!!!

And of course, the best of the best, relatives/friends
Nada M
Noor M
Farah M
Nada M
Noor M

(to be continued.. i'll add more :P)
and if you didn't see ur name like u expected.. HAWSHOONY.. cz i really want everyone to know how much she means to me


-"Hello :)"
- "asl?" (age, sex, location)
- "16, m, US.. u?"
- "17, f, Saudi.. Nice to meet you :)"
- ".. ****, terrorist!! Don't you have a tower to bomb?"
- "Hmm, I am busy speaking to a stereotype"
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Occurred a lot. Not by Americans only, surprisingly, even an Egyptian did the same. And even more shocking, Americans are probably the LEAST racist against non-Americans (which shows how more mature they are, and how their country is multicultural). As for whoever's in the far-east, they hesitate before stating where they are from, why? Because of the fear of stereotypical harsh words, or of seeing: "Your conversational partner has disconnected" at the end of the screen.

Dear RE, (Racist-Egyptian)..
I am not pointing out the nationality to make a new stereotype, but to show how even Arabs are being racist against other Arabs, and because till now, this is the only way I can refer to you.
and Dear RPCP (Racist People Calling for Peace);

1- I am not a terrorist:
I am a Muslim, and Islam calls for peace and treating others fairly. Just because Osama Bin Laden is Saudi and Muslim it doesn't mean that he is a good representative of Islam. Funny, in religion, we take that in a Muslim country, we should not only leave non-Muslims celebrate their religious events and worship God in their own way, but we are also not allowed to bring down churches, temples, and other holly sites, AND (something I'm really mad that they teach it this late, at the age of 17), we have to do our obligations to them as anyone else: visit their sick, or contribute to charity for them.

2- I am happy. Women are not in a cell.
I live an easy life, really. I can go out. I travel a lot, 3 times with my school and friends. I don't cover my face. I can't drive, but I have a driver. I receive an advanced level of education. I have ambitions. I have a personality. I have feelings. There are negative points, a lot of them, (HELL YA,, a great DEAL of them). In the end, I smile, I laugh. I am happy.

3- I wear a veil. I feel safe with it.
Girls in Saudi Arabia aren't more than any none Muslim girl anywhere else, we're not more beautiful or anything, but the beauty we have doesn't have to be shown (Umm, I don't ever want to be a star of a story as a victim of rape). Boys, and men, shouldn't gaze at me as if I was a product they're checking out. We are pearls. We keep our beauty inside our shells for our husbands and relatives to see. This way there will be also less cheating in marriages, and several other benefits.

4- I feel hurt by what is said. Still, not offended by questions.
I am hurt when someone call me a terrorist, not because I take it personally. It is because it is sad how foreigners' perspectives are becoming about Saudi. However, when someone asks about my religion or nationality, and no one has to say "no offense" before and after each question,

Racism, stereotypes, not only against me, it's against the world. Why keep it there? One day, it may be the wall trapping peace out of countries. If only Martin Luther King Jr. is here again to restate his longlasting words: "I have a dream."

Girls of Riyadh

If you're Saudi, you most probably heard of the novel "Banat Al Riyadh", or "Girls of Riyadh". I read it. Quite interesting. However, does it really speaks about Riyadh's reality? Who cares?!

It really doesn't matter when Arabs read this novel, about four Saudi girls who live in Riyadh and each has her own adventures with boys and whatever. Sounds exciting, is it 100% true? Could it be?.. Yes. It could be, but transparent isn't like true. This novel might be true but not transparent, as it speaks about a certain type of girls in Riyadh, very specific.

What made me write this post is that I had an idea about a novel. I had this idea when I saw an English version of the recent best-seller "Girls of Riyadh". When it was just Arabic, I didn't care much, but now, English?

I know that she, Rajaa Alsane'a, the writer, might not realize that translating that book might give foreigners a wrong idea about Saudi Arabia. They might think that these girls represent Riyadh, and that Riyadh, being the capital of Saudi Arabia, represents Saudi, which is not true.

What I want to write about is the real truth. I want to put the right facts into a story; a novel. I want to make this novel as a response to Rajaa, and her translated novel. She should have thought twice before publishing that novel in other languages; being famous, writing a juicy story, and money shouldn't be the main goal of writing a novel. Writing a novel should be an expression of truth, or ideas. It should be the utilization of the talent in writing (which she might not be entitled to, considering that the Arabic version was written in slang).

If you're going to influence a large group of people by doing a certain act, you should look at the big picture. You should consider your values as well as the country's. You should think about basic concepts and values that you should not cross. You should simply be smart, not selfish.

One of a Kind

In an apple store, where all the laptops are either black or white, what would they call a pink or red laptop? Special..? Different? Unique? Exceptional? Actually, they'd call it weird, and I call it beautiful, in its individuality.
When you're different, you're considered weird, ain't that true? And the funny part is that they dare to say that differences is what makes our world interesting. "Weirdos" make the world interesting? Then I'd love to be part of the honor! And I hate being just like anyone else. In every school, and a lot of workplaces, the popular group thinks that they are special, and many of their surroundings think they are too, and sometimes try to be like them. When we think of it, most of the members of the group are the same, or at least similar, and whoever imitates them could be special is losing what she is singular at just to be accepted as someone who's not weird.
Special means different, and usnusual, and that's why I can't define popular groups as special groups. In the "weirdos" group, every member is different, every member is special, every member is distinctive; every member is another person who's not like his/her peers. A lot of special girls would be proud to hear others call them weird, because they know the secret meaning beyond the definition of the word "weird" (strange, odd, bizarre). They know that whoever calls them that is a normal common person, not unique in any way. Now several of my friends would agree (don't you, Sulaf? My weird fellow? My exceptional buddy?). Hmm, when I think about it, I think that special people are special people, and the rest are weird; strange how they aim to be similar, and then oddly bizarrely consider themselves unique.
Funny really, but the truth is that, that super multitasking karate smart pianist, that hilarious "awesome" girl addicted-to-cold-play-and-politics who says: "I love physics" proudly as she's good enough to master the subject, that procrastinating procrastinator who still finds time to write amazing pieces and to do much more, that hard working astonishing ambitious computer-thingies-understander (and a drama queen), that sleepy sleeping beauty who coul retrieve anything said or done in the area she existed in even if she was under a snooze-spell, that overly excited chick who can speak faster than I can think yet speaks like hell in Arabic who finds killing babies a fascinating subject, and me, an add to the "weirdos" list, are the ones who make our world special, and interesting. We are the rainbow colored laptops in the nearest apple store. I'm no racist against black and white laptops, but doesn't it feel great to be different??


When I entered school was like being “egged”, and in my egg inside that shell, I am getting ready for the outside. I have everything I need inside my shell, and I am developing myself with skin and feathers to become ready to go outside and burst out of my egg to face what they call: the world. I have everything I need provided in my egg; knowledge, food, and shelter.

I am excited to meet the outer world where I can expand my understanding of this complex dimension and fill my life with experiences that would make me the best chick ever. I want to grow and be as useful as possible around the barn. I’m going to do the impossible to be special. I’m going to be the flying chicken!!

I am going to do what others haven’t dared to do: the impossible, the unthinkable; the different. I flip my short wings to lift my heavy body until I feel wind tickling the ends of my feet.

Hidden Meanings Within

The journey of life, the path to the future, the struggle between uncertainty, risk, and security, the blizzard of confusion, the consequence of decision, all were storming in my mind, my most trustworthy organ, my brain. With all the stress, all the possibilities, and all the options, one could not help but become lost and seek for the safest path. However, as I was inspired by Robert Frost, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and this made all the difference”, I choose to take the road less traveled by. My words, as well as my thoughts, seen by some as most complex, while to others are seen as I expressed. I choose to write what could be considered most unique, or its uniqueness could be a destructive element, but as I said, I choose to take the road less traveled by. The beauty of words cannot be seen, unless meanings are beyond lines and sentences. This is the path I choose to go by.

(A drawing symbolizing how I step through the raod less traveled by, the changes in the colors of my footsteps shows how I am flexible to change my methods in order to face the difficulties I face. The other road, more clear and shiney, is lightened, which most have traveled by it)

I was born into the world blind. I cannot see. What I see is a glimpse of light that I was not capable of enjoying until recently. I owe it all to my school. The school I went to gave me the hint of light that I can see, for they were the manual book to obtain knowledge. I got into it, and then discovered that the random shapes and symbols actually mean something. They could be actually used to get thoughts and ideas onto papers. This is just one step, it seems simple, but to learn to read and write is life changing. Nowadays, most are literate, and here I am writing on a paper that is supposed to show my individuality, while I am speaking of common.
I am the glass window of an old cottage, or a massive palace, as long as I am transparent, and fragile. I cannot hide what I am or what I think of, and I cannot prevent myself from saying too much. This could be good, if never exploited, and used against me. I am sensitive, and I cannot hide the feelings inside. I have the belief that I am capable of doing everything, even when I am lacking time and energy. This means that I over-trust myself, too much, perhaps? As I trust myself, I trust my transparency, and trust my beliefs, I choose to take the road less traveled by.
What empower my personality are my ambitions, though several had said that I can’t, but I believe I do, as I like to hope for the best-case-scenario; the positive probability. I tamed my blinded eyes to see the positive meanings in depressing, negative words, the beauty of flames in fires, the rainbow at the end of a rainy day, and the positive ions among chlorides and oxides. I have always preferred multiplication and addition on subtraction and division. This way I could ensure myself that I could have a blissful life enjoying the simple things. This is how I take risks. This is how I choose the hard way. This is how I go through the road less taken.
I am the rabbit in The Rabbit & the Turtle story, in its competitiveness, ego and confidence. This also could be a knife with two ends, with or against me. Nevertheless, to be interested in competing in scientific and educational matters is most likely going to support me throughout my future life, as it did throughout my school life. Now, it supports me and pushes me toward the cold, dark road.
I am the exploiter. Utilizing chances our school provides is the best policy; because as a Saudi Muslim girl, I cannot deny that we girls do not have that many opportunities. Our school was different, it compensated for the opportunities our unreasonable society did not provide, or has not provided enough. Therefore, I could say that I have done much, and I know I would not have done all my achievements without the help of God, my supportive parents, and the chances the school offered. I believe that I had done plenty of impressive doings, and had come across constructive experiences that actually created skills in me that I can benefit from throughout my life. I will not elaborate. What I had done is past and what is still going to be with me when I go to college is myself; my personality; my characteristics. These are what I could carry with me, as I continue my steps through the road that seems endless; the road less taken.
Among people, in the middle of society, I am not the popular one who sits and waits for less than five minutes for the crowd to gather around me. In school, I am seen by my friends like I really am, but others, the base their assumption of who I am on what I do. High school years are pretty similar in most countries, and here I am speaking about the same stereotypes that we can find in UK, China, Somalia, or Costa Rica; wherever. I am accepted as they, my classmates, know me, and my friends accept me because they know me. As long as I am accepted, I cannot complain, but I prefer not to base assumptions on what a person has achieved to create a picture of his/her personality and characteristics; I consider it stereotypical. I do not want anyone to assume that I am the bravest, and the most adventurous, because I chose the road less taken.
I am the villager who visited New York for the first time, only buildings are knowledge. I am not like the villager in his simple life but I am the villager in his fascination. I believe that one could always dive deeper, for the sea of knowledge is bottomless. I am the villager; the traveler who chooses the road less traveled by.
With the theme of the last minutes of the inspiring influential scene of the sunset, the last ray of light is fading, as I come to a conclusion. “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both.” The road less traveled by, less attractive, less tempting, less appealing, challenging, risky, mysterious, dangerous, and is a road to the unknown, but at the end it is the road I choose, and it makes my final destination worth all the time and effort. The sun had hid along with the meanings I wish to deliver but cannot express. I am walking alone through the road less traveled by, foggy, and dark.

My World Seen by my Binoculars

My world is built by building blocks, hard red bricks organized one on top of the other, to cooperate and build the place where I wake up. One brick is my mom, the other is my dad. These two bricks are in the base, as my whole life is based on them, as well as several other bricks holding their bright red color and their solid qualities. Bricks such as my school, my community, my surroundings; and my friends make up my world; therefore creating my identity and building up my personality as well.
Before walking, and before speaking, I was an innocent infant, both my parents beside me. My mother holding me tight, kissing my forehead, and keeping me close; she saw me as a blessing from God. As I grew older, my mom still close, I learned to walk, I learned to speak, and I learned to make mistakes. My father was not as intimate as my mother but was as caring and proud. They were proud when I learned to walk, ignoring all the kids running more balanced than my slow steps. They were proud when I learned to speak, ignoring all the children speaking faster, clearer than me, and without hesitations. One could not help but love them, and become proud that she was lucky to have them as parents.
I was born into the world blind. I cannot see. What I see is a glimpse of light that I was not capable of enjoying until recently. I owe it all to my school. The school I went to gave me the hint of light that I can see, for they were the manual book to obtain knowledge. In it, I discovered that the random shapes and symbols actually mean something. They could be actually used to get thoughts and ideas onto papers. This is just one step, it seems simple, but to learn to read and write is life changing. Nowadays, most are literate, and here I am writing on a paper that should better show my individuality, while I am speaking of a common feature. Utilizing chances our school provides is the best policy; because as a Saudi girl, I cannot deny that we girls do not have that many opportunities (Many agree on this fact, including Peyman Pejman, who wrote an article about how traditions block Saudi women’s rights and many more). Our school was different, it compensated for the opportunities our society has not provided enough. One of the best opportunities I had exploited is participating in Model United Nations (MUN). Many see it as a chance to escape the bars of cells (also known as classrooms), and a chance to travel with friends during school days. To me, escaping school was my least interest, or should I say that it was what I most regret. What made it worth every possible “opportunity cost” (an economic term for the best alternative), is the skills that I cannot avoid developing: research skills, during preparation before the conference; formal writing skills, while writing draft resolutions for issues to be debated; social skills and team work, by cooperating with other participants during the conference; and debating skills, which was enhanced and improved progressively with each conference I attend. I could say more about clubs and activities I participated in, and I believe that I had come across many constructive experiences that improved my skills, but I will not elaborate; what I had done is past and what is still going to be with me when I go to college, or when I face life, is myself; my personality; my characteristics.
The deprivation I faced in my community pushed me to tame my blinded eyes to see the positive meanings in depressing, words, the beauty of flames in fires, the rainbow at the end of a rainy day, and the positive ions among chlorides and oxides. This way I could have a blissful life enjoying what I have, and make use of the chances I find, by being positive. When I auditioned to participate in the speech contest, I was very anxious after I did my impromptu speech, as if I had no chance. Later that day, they did not announce my name as one of the winners, maybe because I was negative and because what I expected it to turn out that way. I started believing in the law of attraction, and I listened to The Secret. Another chance came before my eyes; to participate in MUN. This time I had another attitude. I was confident before, during, and after I presented my speech in the auditions. I remember the night ahead of the day they announce the accepted students’ names. I wasn’t thinking whether I will be accepted or not, instead, I was wondering how I will tell my brother who studies in the U.S. about getting accepted in the most creative way. While they were announcing the names, I wasn’t eager to hear my name; I was waiting for it, not hoping for it. They may call what I did over-confidence, but as long as it works; I do not have to change my overly-positive attitude.
My friends, or should I call them family, for their support and constant help as if I was their long lost sister makes me feel that we have the same last names; they have been sisters to me, whom I never had. We are different, that is true. Thus, our differences made us complementary, each one of the group completes the other. We are pieces of a puzzle; we are most attractive and beautiful when we are together. In the end, we are one.
My home, school, and city are physically the world I live in. However, my home is just a huge vacuumed cement structure holding materialistic items: furniture and ornaments; my school is another building that has wooden desks and chairs, and several empty lifeless offices; and my city is an area where we find shops and buildings that made Dhahran be considered Singapore’s or New York’s nursery. What made my world meaningful to me are the beating hearts in it. My home is nothing without my family; neither are my school without teachers and friends, and my city without my community. They made my world the place where my personality is updated, as I face more and more events and experiences every day. It is one place that provides me with increasing challenges to deal with and learn from

كتاب الأحياء (نظام المقررات السعودي الجديد)

مؤلفي كتاب الأحياء معدومي الضمير! حيث أن المراجع العربية وحدها تبلغ 47 مصدر لتأليف كتاب واحد يدرس من قبل طالب/طالبة واحدة خلال فصل واحد، فيه 12 فصل. أهو إنساني؟ أهو أخلاقي؟ أسئلة استفسرت عنه من قبل سائلة عن مدى إنسانية الاستنساخ، والآن أسألها مستفسرة عن مدى إنسانية كاتب الكتاب.
الجريمة التي ارتكبها كاتبي الكتاب هي جعل مادة ممتعة شيقة وقابلة للنقاش والربط والتفصيل مادة مرهقة ومفرزة للأدرينالين. جعلها كابوس ناقلاً السيالات العصبية حاملة الأفكار المعقدة والثقيلة والكثيرة. فالكتاب هذا مثل السكلرنشيم، بصعب الوصول إلى محوره والهدف الداخلي منه، واللجنين المتغلظ المترسب حوله صعب المهمة.
والمشكلة أن هذا الكتاب سيظل الDNA للمراحل الآتية، فستمر الطالبات بهذه المرحلة وسيظل الكتاب يورث بكروموسوماته وتفاصيله. هذا الكتاب كان كالأنتيجين في جسمي لسبب ما، واكتشفت ذلك لأنني وجدت مناعة ضد تقبل وحفظ الكثير من النقاط اامهمة، ربما لأن غدتي التيموسية ظلت إلى مرحلة مراهقتي حتى تنتج أجسام مضادة تحارب هذا الأنتيجين.
يا ليت شجيرات خلاياي العصبية كثرت وتشابكت حتى أستقبل وأتقبل أكثر من هذه المعلومات. أو يا ليتني أنبت أنسجة جذرية في عقلي، لأمتص المعلومات، لرقة جدر الأنسجة وكثرة عدد الاستطالات الجذرية، وتطبيق لخاصية الانتشار (بدلاً من الخاصية الاسموزية، حيث بالانتشار تنتقل المعلومات من منطقة التركيز المرتفع <الكتاب> إلى منطقة التركيز المنخفض <عقلي>). يا ليت الكالسيتونين يعمل على منع فقد المعلومات من المخ بدلاً من منع فقد الكالسيوم من العظام. يا ليت حقني لنفسي بالمضادات الحيوية تمنع نمو الملل والإرهاق أثناء الدراسة وتكسبني مناعة ولو مؤقتة ضد بكتيريا الضغط والعمل والكسل.
ربما كان الكتاب صفة متنحية حسنة مرغوبة، وأنا لم أكن كذلك، ربما كنت أمثل الصفة السلبية السائدة، فعند التقائنا لم تظهر إلا صفتي.
نعم، فصيلة دمي O، أعطي الجميع ولا آخذ إلا ممن هم O مثلي، ربما هذا ما جعلني أرفض فصول هذا الكتاب، لمجرد أن فصيلة دمه ليست بـO، بل B (Boring).
سامحوني لموقفي العدواني ضد هذا الكتاب، ولكنني عانيت منه الكثير، فهو بالنسبة لعقلي بكتيريا ضخمة، أو خلايا سرطانية منتشرة بشكل غير طبيعي، و جهاز المناعة يقف أمامها بلا حول ولا قوة.
ولكن الحق يقال، لم تكن سنة أهدرت بلا فائدة، ولم تستهلك ATP دون مقابل. قد كانت هذه السنتين (اللتان لم تنتهيان بعد) مليئة بالكثير الكثير. لم تكن المادة حفظية 100%، فالحمدلله، رزقني الله تعالى بمعلمة تكره الحفظ.
قمنا بالعمل على مشروع، فكنا كالبرانشيم نصنع البحث والعرض لتنقل أفكارنا إلى زميلاتنا ومعلماتنا ومشرفاتنا من خلال العمل على فكرة الاستنساخ. صحيح أنه كان عملاً شاقاً حيث تمنينا استنساخ أنفسنا لتوفير المزيد من الأيدي والعقول العاملة على هذه المهمة، لكن في النهاية، بعد عمل مثمر ناجح، نمت بذور المهمة لنراها في نهاية السنة نبتة بزهرة حمراء جذابة وجميلة. نمو هذه البذرة لم يكن سهلاً، ولكن بتساعد الخلايا والأنسجة الإنشائية الابتدائية (الزميلات وأعضاء المجموعات) استطعنا تنفيذ المهمة، لقدرتها على الانقسام (تكوين أفكار وتطوير معلومات جديدة)، وساعد على هذا الانقسام أن الخلايا ذات نواة كبيرة مركزية (هدف عميق وموحد)، وغشاؤها رقيق (نفاذية الأفكار وتقبل الآراء)، وفجواتها العصارية متعددة لكن صغيرة (العقبات والاختلافات تعددت لكنها كانت صغيرة، فاجتزناها)، ومادتها الحية –السيتوبلازم- وفيرة (الحيوية والنشاط والحماس والقدرات الابداعية والابتكار). ونحن نقف الآن نفخر بما قد قدمناه بمساعدة واضحة من الخلايا المرافقة (أبلة جنان) التي كانت بجانبنا دوماً في جميع الخطوات وساعدتنا على نقل المعلومة للجمهور والظهور بشكل مناسب لتقديم عرض الاستنساخ.
كانت مادة الأحياء مادة صعبة، مع أنها مهمة، وفي معظم المواضع شيقة أيضاً، لكن كل ذلك انتهى. لا أحياء بعد اليوم، (وتفزر الغدد الدمعية ما لديها بعد إفراز الأدرينالين لينشط الغدد الدمعية بسبب الموقف المؤثر). نعم، قد عذبتني يا كتاب الأحياء ولكنني سأشتاق إلى هذا العذاب، وكيف لا وقد أبقيتني بالأمس ليلاً بأحاديثك ومضمونك سهرانة، حين لم يبق أي شيء يصاحبني إلا أنت.
لن أجعل هذه اللحظة نهاية ووداع، لأنك قمت بتهيئتي لموجهة الحياة بوعي أكبر، وفهم أعمق. المفهوم الخاطئ الذي ظل معي طويلاً هو أن الدراسة للمادة ما هي إلا استعداد للاختبار، حين أنها استعداد للتطبيقات العملية والحياتية. مفاهيمك جعلت قلبي عضلة لا تتعب، وجعلت نزيف جروحي تتعالج وتوقف نفسها بلا تدخل شيء إلا مبادئك. أرى نبتة خارج نافذتي تنمو بأفكارك وتزهر حتى تريني أن كل ما قلته لي حقيقي وملموس.
كم مرة قد يحتاجون دمي للتبرع؟ ألم أكتشف هذه القدرة على إعطاء الجميع حين علمتني ذلك؟ ألن أحرص على زوجٍ جذاب جميل وبلا أمراض أو اختلالات وراثية حتى لا يصابون أبنائي بالمرض، ويرثون جماله؟ ألن أرفض عرض زواج ولد خالٍ أو عم خوفاً من الأمراض الوراثية؟ ألن أفكر خمسين مرة قبل أن أتعاطى عقاقيراً وأدوية فترة حملي؟ ألن أرفض بعض أفكار الاستنساخ لأنني ببساطة عرفت معانيها وجرائمها؟ ألن أحرص على الغذاء الصحي لما قد يحصل نتيجة لسوء التغذية؟ ألن أتقبل فكرة أنني لا يمكنني أن أتبرع بكليتي لشخص يموت أمامي بسبب الفشل الكلوي، مع أن كلانا له نفس نوع الدم؟
اعتبرتك عقبة وهم لفترة طويلة، وهذا ظلم، لأنك أجبت عن أسئلة كثيرة في بالي تخص أشياء كثيرة، سواء كانت عن جسمي أو هرموناتي أو حتى تلك التي تخص أشجار حديقتي. أعطيتني الكثير، وغذيت دماغي، وحان الأجل حتى أري نفسي أين أجدك في حياتي، في جسمي، في دمي، في خلاياي، وخلايا تلك النبتة خارج النافذة.
في النهاية، أشكر معلمتي لمحاولاتها التي أرهقتها طوال السنة، لمحاولة بناء جهاز مناعي متكامل لتجهيزنا لمواجهة المرض، البكتيريا، ألا وهو الاختبار. أتمنى أننا لم نكن بالنسبة إليها كأنسجة السكلرنشيم أو الكولانشيم التي لا حياة فيها، وأتمنى لها حياة سعيدة، والتوفيق في حقن اللقاحات للأجيال القادمة، لتبنى مناعتهم ضد الصعوبات.