It's Seeping through your Clothes!

  Your shoes, your clothes, your pens, your notebooks, even your food are infected with a deadly disease. Wear your shoes too long and you might end up getting infected with it. What is it, you might ask? Is it deadly? Yes it is! It is so deadly that its effects are not apparent only after decades. What is it, maybe we can help get rid of it, cure those infected with it? No you can't! Unless you have the will power of 6 billion people on planet Earth. It's everywhere. Every thing you see is infected with it, you might be sitting on it right this moment. You can't hide from it, you just can't.
 Ok I think I can take it, just tell me what it is! Fine it is the evil material we all well know as plastic. Plastic?! That's the disease you were talking about? Plastic isn't evil, it's the best material to human kind. That's what it wants you to think. It seeps into your clothes and your everyday lives making you think that you can't live without it. Then when you are addicted to it, it strikes its deadly stroke. What is going to do? It will kill millions of animals by invading their digestive systems, because animals were too naive to know that it isn’t food. Then it will it reproduce in massive numbers making humans trying to get rid of it anywhere, but the increase in the population will lead to throwing it out in the ocean. The ocean is huge; nothing will happen if we throw a few plastic bottles in it? What?! What about the fish and living creatures they will end up infected with it eventually. Who cares about fish? Don’t you love eating that creamy grilled fish fillet every weekend? Oh, never mind. Then after that humans will try to recycle plastic, but what they don’t know is that it will only make it stronger. Recycling may seem as a good idea, but it will only make them more addicted to it, because recycling just means wasting money, and making them think that they can't live without it. Then as everyone becomes addicted, the world will start to get hotter and hotter. That’s ok, I like the summer. Do you like that this so called summer will eventually melt the ice caps and boil oceans and erupt volcanoes? Plastic has deadly gases in it that emit every time we make it or recycle it. These gasses seep into the air and captivate the sun's rays making the world hotter. Some kinds of plastic even use CFCs in them. Wait, what are CFCs, and there are more kinds of plastic?! Yes, there are a myriad of kinds all eviler than the other. There is PET that we use in water bottles, and PS that we use in burger containers, PP that we find in food containers, and PVC that we find in our curtains. It's everywhere! Yes it is! As I was saying PS uses CFCs, or chlorofluorocarbons that when emitted creep up to the ozone layer and slowly gets rid of it. But how? The ozone layer is made up of O3, when CFCs comes around it turns it into O2, so basically deteriorating it. The ozone layer is responsible of blocking the sun's harmful rays from us. With no more ozone layer humans get infected with skin cancer and more. And there is nothing we can do about it.

But I'm sure we can think of something. The only thing we can do is stop using plastic, stop depending on it in everything we do and use, stop and look for alternatives, planet Earth is full of wondrous things we can use, yet we couldn’t find anything except oil! We can use bio-plastic, glass, or steel. Instead of using plastic bags, bring your own bag. Stop using plastic water bottles and buy a stainless steel one. If we can get 6 billion people to do that we can get our Earth back. The world will change, but the change starts with you.

Yours truley, Rowa, Mayadah, Fatima, and Maram...


Reem said...

oooo i get to comment !!! (habla 9a7 =P)
7abbait Mayday it reminds me of ECOLOGY class, well duh it's based on it, but it's cool, i like ur intro, w bithat"Wear your shoes too long and you might end up getting infected with it" <3

Moodiez said...

it's Rowa's writing :P
didn't you notice that it sounds better than the rest of my blog?

but anyways.. it IS our product in ecology..

I miss abla mona!! <3

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