“No thanks, I’m fine.” I rejected the delicious cookie that was offered to me. I tried to imagine how would it taste in my mouth, but my imagination wasn’t advanced enough to let me feel anything in my mouth. I sat in my place, smiling, and cursing my shyness inside my head. What kind of ten-year-old girl would reject a cookie? This is how I was in my childhood. Maybe I was smart, hard-working, someone with high grades, however, that was it. I had a lot of chances in my life, but I let my shyness ruin everything for me.

I’ve always dreamed myself going to a college I really want, instead of myself in a wedding dress like most my age, and I planned to change myself to whatever the college I want would want me to be: a well rounded student. It was not until I was 14 when I changed. I opened up. I started utilizing chances and working with passion. I would have taken that cookie. I was pretty satisfied with what I am becoming. As time passed by, I realized: why should I become what they want? Acceptance shouldn’t be a goal. Acceptance should be an indicator that this place (college, workplace ...etc) is right for you.

Opportunities started appearing in front of my. Paths to several goals and targets came before me. I tried to make use of everything, causing myself a great deal of stress. In the end, when I list everything I did, I feel that it was indeed worth it. I experienced many things in my life that made of me a writer, an artist, a debater, a public speaker, and a leader, and I had many chances to expose the talents I have as each. Although none of them seems scientific, I decided on becoming a chemical engineer. I find it not only interesting, but also something I might become advanced in the future.

“Yes, thanks you! Can I have another piece?” I said confidently. What else could a hungry seventeen year old say? Nothing stops me from doing what I want.


Anonymous said...

Ahaha! Welcome back Mayada, and Ramadan Kareem!

Missed and almost forgot how intriguing your writings are! You impressed back in the workshop and still impressed even now!

Hurray for chemical engineering ( my choice in KFUPM If I was a Saudi-> Non Saudis are not allowed to choose awesome engineering majors ^_^ )Bummer!

Anyways, keep 'em commin! :D God Bless!

Moodiez said...

lol, well I would have chose nuclear engineering because I'm so obsessed with renewable energy, but I'm not allowed to bcz I'm Saudi.. Even if I study abroad :(

Samar said...

I second that. Acceptance shouldn't be a goal... I'm glad you opened up later on, and you ARE a well-rounded student :)

btw, what happened to your older posts? They're gone :O

Moodiez said...

No, they're there.. check out what's under the "months"

May has the oldest

Abdulrhman Alkhnaifer said...

I totally agree with you that we should enjoy our lives not to live the serious parts only, however I think we should always consider an alternative plan (or contingency plan) if something happened suddenly!

Good luck,,,
Abdulrhman Alkhnaifer

Moodiez said...

of course.. we never know what's written for us.. but at the same time, we should know who we are and never change it for anyone else

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