Re-NEW-ABLE Energy resources..

RE-NEW-ABLE energy resources, sources of energy that are ABLE to be RE-NEWed. What are we waiting for then?
Ok, so what if I'm against people who play with their food, even if it's on a very large scale (like the ones using corn as biofuel).. African countries are starving to death, and countries like the United States are using corn as an alternative to gasoline.... Not only that, every source of enery has its cons, but should that mean that we give up them all? The most fuels with negative points are fossil fuels.... with all their emissions and "mortality" because we're running out of them.. So, what to do??

I call researchers, engineers, and all the ones who have the power to make a difference in the renewable energy resources technology to develop and improve them in order to lessen the obstacles built right in front of them..

Just one thing.. I'd prefer Arabs are the ones who make the breakthroughs in these feilds.. (l0l).. we don't want our gas to be worth nothing one day, so if we were in charge of developing renewable energy resources........ we would have something other than oil to rely on economically..

Good luck everyone!


Anonymous said...

OMGG yes I totally agree!!

We never know when we might ever "run out of gas".. looool

Sara M said...

That perfectly makes sense. I dunno.. I'm a teacher and I could convince my students about the importance of these technologies, maybe one day one of my students will make a breakthrough in renewable energy resources!! :)

Anonymous said...

I read that biofuels are expanding as a source of energy in the US.. and btw, you can use sugar canes too.. anything that produces alcohol ;)

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