What to do?

Definition of a busy person: Ones who think that as soon as he's done with something, he's going to relax and take a break. However, that is not what happens, after he's done with his to-do list, another list is somehow created and has double the tasks the previous list had.

Example: Myself. I thought that after submitting my college applications I will have time to focus on school and write again after neglecting my blog for a long time. Now, I have to do many, many things this month.
1- Global issues project
3- Religion project
4- Physics project
6- Preparing for my next SAT subject tests
7- Homework
8- English Analysis
9- Complete English grammar workbook (hahahaha.. like I can?.. if only I had the time)
That's what came to my mind, I'm sure other tons of stuff will jump at me, begging me to find time to do them!!

A not-so-busy person: One who thinks that as soon he took a break and relaxed for a while, he's going to "do" something. However, that is not what happens, after he's done with relaxing, he finds nothing to do, and goes for a "one hour snooze" and finds himself waking up the next day at 12 pm.

The funny thing about it.. is that I prefer to be busy than not to be busy.. In fact, when I do nothing, I know I'll regret it later!! Don't you just feel wrong doing nothing?!

This post is pointless.


Sara M said...

Yaaay, first comment ;)

Umm.. you are the one who causes yourself so much STRESS!!

DUDE!! chill.. enjoy your life.. try not to be busy for once! :P

Moodiez said...

Like I asked them to give us so many hw and projects..
I'd be thankful if they just take off the senior project.. I AM SURE that I wouldn't busy then..

ahhh I have to go out and have fun this weekend. I'm sooo bored!!!

Anonymous said...

Girl, I can so relate to this! You sure you didn't plagiarize it from my blog drafts? :P !!
All I can say is hang in there and God bless ya!

Moodiez said...

I don't do plagiarism.


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