One of a Kind

In an apple store, where all the laptops are either black or white, what would they call a pink or red laptop? Special..? Different? Unique? Exceptional? Actually, they'd call it weird, and I call it beautiful, in its individuality.
When you're different, you're considered weird, ain't that true? And the funny part is that they dare to say that differences is what makes our world interesting. "Weirdos" make the world interesting? Then I'd love to be part of the honor! And I hate being just like anyone else. In every school, and a lot of workplaces, the popular group thinks that they are special, and many of their surroundings think they are too, and sometimes try to be like them. When we think of it, most of the members of the group are the same, or at least similar, and whoever imitates them could be special is losing what she is singular at just to be accepted as someone who's not weird.
Special means different, and usnusual, and that's why I can't define popular groups as special groups. In the "weirdos" group, every member is different, every member is special, every member is distinctive; every member is another person who's not like his/her peers. A lot of special girls would be proud to hear others call them weird, because they know the secret meaning beyond the definition of the word "weird" (strange, odd, bizarre). They know that whoever calls them that is a normal common person, not unique in any way. Now several of my friends would agree (don't you, Sulaf? My weird fellow? My exceptional buddy?). Hmm, when I think about it, I think that special people are special people, and the rest are weird; strange how they aim to be similar, and then oddly bizarrely consider themselves unique.
Funny really, but the truth is that, that super multitasking karate smart pianist, that hilarious "awesome" girl addicted-to-cold-play-and-politics who says: "I love physics" proudly as she's good enough to master the subject, that procrastinating procrastinator who still finds time to write amazing pieces and to do much more, that hard working astonishing ambitious computer-thingies-understander (and a drama queen), that sleepy sleeping beauty who coul retrieve anything said or done in the area she existed in even if she was under a snooze-spell, that overly excited chick who can speak faster than I can think yet speaks like hell in Arabic who finds killing babies a fascinating subject, and me, an add to the "weirdos" list, are the ones who make our world special, and interesting. We are the rainbow colored laptops in the nearest apple store. I'm no racist against black and white laptops, but doesn't it feel great to be different??


Anonymous said...

Omg!!! that's sooo true!! You really got it right :)

Well done!

Moodiez said...

Thnx :P

The funny thing is that today at school i saw a girl with a red laptop :S

Anonymous said...

Great writing here
Also agree on each word :D

P.s There are also silver apple now :P.

Moodiez said...

lol i kno about silver :P

Damn.. ill just say RAINBOW :P.. bet they're gonna take a while b4 they mis colors

Anonymous said...

mashalla 3leki moody .. 3eni 3leki barda .. min jid dayman tfaj2ini bktabatk al2bda3ya

Danya A. said...

I'm going to be cured one day.
You'll see.

-Your loyal procrastinating procrastinator

Lite Brite said...

I just typed a LONNNGGGGG comment to this post, but my browser froze.. I'm not retypin' that stuff right now, lol. I'mma try to later though. I'm angry. >[

Lite Brite said...

I disagree with your post, yet at the same time I agree with it.

That 'popular group' that you were talking about is not some mindless collective of zombies with no individuality. The people who comprise such groups are indivudals. They have their own thoughts, their own problems, their own experiences, their own ambitions & goals. They are not the same. & I don't think they would like it if someone told them that they were. Now, there are really people who are the mindless zombies that I was talking about, but they are not as common as you'd think.

When I was still in high school, I was by no means a 'popular kid'. But I was friends with some of them. I was also friends with nerds, skaters, joccs, thugs, stoners, everybody. None of them were the same as the other people in their social circle or 'clique'. They were individuals. Sure they were similar to the people in their cliques, but when you hang out with somebody for long enough, you'll begin to picc up some of their traits.. It's inevitable & unavoidable. It's called adaption.

High school is an environment or sorts. & to survive in your environment, you must find a way to adapt. Different people find different ways to adapt.. Some people make music, some write, some act, some do drugs. Other people adapt by becoming popular, or emulating the people who are popular. They see the 'popular kids' surviving, & therefore try to emulate them (whether they succeed or not).

Now, I do agree with the fact that everyone should be a unique individual. & I think for the most part everyone is. Some people try to emulate traits in other people that they like. There is nothing wrong with that. But when you try to be exactly like another person, that is ridiculous. You cannot succeed in being just like someone else. They have thoughts & other things that you just can't duplicate. People, just be yourself & be happy that way.


Lite Brite said...

Oh yeah, also.. While you (the rainbow laptops) are different from the blacc & white laptops, did you stop to think that they are different than you. :]

Shadow said...

what about me...!!!!?????

meany :P

and you forgot to say you thought u could walk on water, thinks a girl is her older sister, evil, and is a great at giving hugs <3


Shadow said...

omg!! u did mention meeee!!!!!!

Shadow said...

and i do not find killing babies a fascinating subject!!!!

Moodiez said...

HAHA.. then why did u think it's you ;) ??

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