To All My Dear Friends..

Dedicated to All of my dear friends. The sequence is meaningless by the way.

You are the most beautiful song in my heart, with the prettiest tune, and the most peaceful beats. You sing me a nice day, and you make me a smiling May :) One day, technology will (or at least I hope) enable me to download you on my i-pod!! :D

Samar Q
You are an inspiration to me, with a mind; an amazing creation. Hope you always be there to see, and a relationship that lasts forever, with you and me. You're "awesome".. You're the bomb..! literally :P Shocking, worth attention, but a BIT destructive :P

This year, I have discovered my soul mate. We are similar, and very alike, and though I think we're the same, I find it most interesting to be with you. I find myself inside you..

The innocence of innocence. A soft refreshing breeze that has a magical power to make everyone smile. Spreading her goodness everywhere, she decided to fly away. Wished that breeze lasted forever with its sweet scent!

My smiling laughing tree hugger, (def. "Mayada": leaning dancing tree branches). Your excitement touches me, and passion about the most noble causes. My tear would fall for you, but it would only try to express how proud I am of you.

Reem A
A deer, in her energy, and liveliness. A dear, in my heart and soul. A girl with much positive energy spreading around her, making whoever is near her grin. She plants roses and flowers everywhere, just to distribute cheerfulness and joy.

An artist who draws stunning charming wonderful images on paper, and draws even more beautiful images in reality by her presence. Her gifts to the world are what she can do by the gifts she has. She shares her talents, which makes her even more talented.

A shooting star you don't want to fade away as you're not done making your long list of wishes. But, for my lack of luck, unfortunately, wishing for you not to fade from my sight isn't a granted wish. So I can just wish that good-bye would be lighter on me.

Although she's a person who might always say: "this thing can wait," creativity and intelligence never wait or even hesitate before they appear in her writings, or even out of her mouth. Just give her the deadline, and she will be done by then.

Her morals and respect beautifies her. Dignity is the most precious thing to acquire, and she has realized this fact really well, and she shows it in her actions.

Who knows that beyond that angelic seemingly-innocent smile found a devilish smirk. Guess that runs in the family, eh cousin? But in the end, life is good as long as no one is hurt, which she always makes sure of. ;)

Sara A
An excited soul that sets no boundaries and flies beyond limits. Nothing is impossible, and if curiosity really killed the cat, Sara wouldn't be the live smiley light soul that appears in school everyday.

Lujain T
The girl with the style, the girl with the attitude, the girl with the talents, the girl with the smile, Tahlawy, you have failed to fail in order to stay for one more year. Still, I will remain happy after you're gone, only because I am sure that more are going to have the honor of knowing you.

(Giggles), "What's funny?" Doesn't really matter. A laugh is a cure of problems, shouldn't she be problem-free? She has beauty, yet her laugh completes her gorgeousness. She has intelligence, yet her giggles add flavor to her personality.

A leader, a member of a team, or an individual, she fits in all roles and parts. Someone with so many interests, and surprisingly, she excels in most of them. She proves to me and many that she is capable and a problem-solver.

Dana D
She could be described briefly in three words: pure, pure and pure. She masters and is really the best when it comes to three things: friendship, bringing happiness, and laughter. Three words, Dana: we-love-you.

Fun? Yes. Cheerful? Certainly. Loud? Hell ya. Dull? Not exactly. Boring? Not ever. Hmm, but this is not what you're all about. Behind that cheerfully-colored door that only shows you from the outside, having such an open personality let us enter that door to discover your softness, sensitivity, and kindness.

"Haha" and "Hehe" are common words in here language. Too common to the extent that you may think she speaks the language of Laughter or Chuckles. Keep giggling, as long as it doesn't affect your art and creativity.

The best neighbor to ever have, she keeps the music down, and her dog doesn't ruin my lawn, she's just the perfect person you want to live next to all year. A friend from childhood, a survivor in DAS, she knows well how to keep others entertained and comfortable.

Lujain M
She does have a quiet personality, but I don't. Nothing could stop me from expressing how she is in my eyes and heart. She may be quiet, but what she "does" shouts kindness and niceness with a deafening sound.

Noor G
Light it simply the right word for you. You are the light, in your brightness and cheerfulness. You are light-hearted. You are light, by being gentle. You are light, as you keep glowing everyday we see you and lighting everything around you.

Alya N
A beautiful pearl that was washed up in the shore, picked up and held all the way to our lives. Opening up your shell to others makes them happy, by discovering how beautiful your inside was, and how amazing your personality is.

You are a star in your own play. You are the center of your life. You are under the spotlights. You walk the walk, and you talk the talk. Your play is original and real, and you starring in it makes us more than happy to be part of it :).

Great minds think alike, and I'm starting to think that weird minds think alike too. Drinking red bull for energy, and shouting COW! for fun, giving you pretty pens :), and being forced to tell you good bye, we have so many memories together that still echo in my heart.

Why we're proud of you is not just because you excelled in riding a saddle of a horse, but because you have taken a huge step that proves that Saudi women are capable and skilled. You inspire much of us, and I really wish you were still here for us to motivate.

Sara Falih
Being a star isn't special now, there are millions of stars we know and love and there are even more shining brightly in the sky, but you are different, you are not one of those million, you are one OF a million. I know how you want to see yourself famous one day, but if you have to change anything about yourself to go through that path then becoming famous will degrade you.

Reema D
Remember how when you were young and you keep making faces, then they tell you "stop doing that or your face will be stuck like that" ? Well, I think that your weird face when you were young was a smile, because now you're stuck with a really big smile, whether you were upset or not. This smile changes your surrounding to be filled with positive energy. Thank you?

They say that the best friendship lasts forever. They never say that the best friendship has to have a long history, or any at all. Maybe now I don't know you well, but I still hope that we'd have a history in the future. Friends' lists have no limits and even if they did your name can help but be in it, or at least my list.

Maryam N
You are the probably the most girl making everyone a favor. In such school full of stresses, downs, and conflicts, you have this powerful ability to make us smile. You have kept many girls since we were kids ALIVE. I have been always wondering about how our stresses didn't kill us yet, but I discovered that you have part of the answer.

Al Maha
Although I haven't had the honor to live a life with a closer relationship with her, I know she's the sweetness of sugar, as pure and as white. Perhaps we have days to come and to spend more wisely. A special girl doesn't have to be close to whoever surrounds her for everyone to know that she is.

Al Hanouf
Humor, humor, and more humor; this is what is found her. This is what you experience when you spend five minutes with her. Her creativity in making us all laugh makes her dear and fun to be with. Her humor is young and cheerful, but not as cheerful as her.

Reem El A7mad
She's heartless and she's selfish. She left the school, but made us experience most of our school life with her presence, then she leaves to let us forget and miss what it used to taste like when she used to be in school. However, I will no longer be a victim to anyone's crime, I can still imagine her with me in the place we used to see each other. Maybe it would seem like obsession, but to me, it's the only solution.

Reem 7
A very, very talented girl. She knows how to move, and she got what should be moved ;) I never saw anyone who can dance as skillfully as her. Maybe this is only a hobby to her, or something she likes to do, but she doesn't realize maybe that what she does sure changes our moods and makes us excited. She stands out in group shows, and even when everybody is doing the same thing she still looks and is special.

I still remember how I wished to be her friend when we were young. She used to sit at a table during recess and tells stories about her full-of-action life. She used to speak of adventures and what sounded to me like a movie. She's an interesting person and you can never get bored of what she says!

A dear friend who will never be forgotten. As my name means that, well, I'm pratically a tree, she once made me bloom and blossom. The leaves, fruits and flowers I have shined and brightened whenever I was with her company. As long as she's present, this tree will -inshallah- never lose its blossoms.

Wow. Just wow. She has everything, yet modest and down to earth. I've never seen someone so smart, creative, social, and who has her own brand-name at the same time! Balance is today's problem I must struggle with daily trying to achieve. She will always be a model role to look up to when it comes to diversity in one's personality, and balance in life.

Summer A
Speechless I become when I speak of her. A true leader. A true responsible girl. One of the most trustworthy, or maybe, in our school, the only one ;) lol. You could always depend on her, with no negative "side effects" at all. She's a cure when someone most needs help to end the disease of chaos and disorder. When we're careless, she's careful. When we're lacking energy, she's full of it. God save her -"Allah ye7fa6'ha"- lol.

Nada M
They say that good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget. Actually, with you, it's a totally different case. You are easy to find, easy to approach, easy to deal with, easy to have fun with, yet still hard to leave, and VERY impossible to forget. Yet I do support what "they say", we always have to trust "them". Guess then you're more than a good friend. A lot more.

Lujain A H
A girl with an amazing voice and an even more amazing personality. They say singers aren't always funny, but she sure proved them wrong..! Missing her, lovin her, damjn it's been a long time!! :P Each year, a lot of special individuals leave, as she did, and today many leave for college. We're next. But Lujain is one of the ones who never really left school. Her spirit is still in it..

Zainab H
My laughing mate, my "7eshishing and ta7sheeshing" mate. No one can seperate us apart. Time hasn't, and that proves the strong bond we have. She graduated, but now we're closer than ever. True that I wish she was still with me, but what can I do other that just... gettin over it!! ;) You made my boring life an exciting one to live, and a life I would never wanna miss.

A teddy bear with a soft surface and a cute face, you can't resist a hug by her. She is unique in her excitement, and her positivity. They say smiling a lot could hurt, and I bet her face hurts real bad because she never stops smiling, or at least I hope so. HAHAHA :D
Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind. Guess then I'm a horrible sister! Not that I intended to leave her, but this is how life goes. We graduate. We leave the younger sobbing, as we sob more than they ever will. You are one of the reasons I hate to be a senior. Thanks!!!!

And of course, the best of the best, relatives/friends
Nada M
Noor M
Farah M
Nada M
Noor M

(to be continued.. i'll add more :P)
and if you didn't see ur name like u expected.. HAWSHOONY.. cz i really want everyone to know how much she means to me


Samar said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3

No you're awesome! You're the genius bomb :D haha

Moodiez said...

Hehe.. See? you liked it.. :P
Thanks!! :)

Reem A said...

Mayada... I LOVE YOU!
since I don't have a blog I'll write how I feel about you here…

"Mayada is an inspiration for every soul; she's full of life and joy. She's known to be a hard worker and she tries to be in everything, everywhere. She gets frustrated of school a lot, because they don't appreciate her hard work,
and have no sympathy on anybody.
She likes to be in her circle of friends and tries to stay updated as much as possible. And Ma Sha2 Allah she's social and friends with everybody.
I enjoyed visiting her, and getting to know her better, and I look up to stay her friend forever.
She’s known to be smart and a hard worker.
People only see what’s on the outside, which is smart genius and unique, but they don’t know what she really is. She my friend and the best, not because of her grades or anything school-related. She’s the best because she cares for her friends and tries to spend fare time with everybody. She has a bright mind, and I like her thoughts, plus I'd like to have discussions with her.
She thinks she's Moody but I think she's Meedo, because her heart is as white.

Moodiez said...


SOMEONE truly understands!! no sympathy at all! :P

I LOVE YOU!!! :') !!!
.......... speechless!! cz it was soooo sweeet!!!

P.S. I am moody.

Sara A said...

Mayadaaaaa!!! bzyadaa cuute ele ktabteee!!! Wallaa Im so lucky to have u as a friend!! :D Simply a creative, sensitive, funny, sweet, kind, amazing person walla!! I looove u soo much! ;*

Sarah F said...

I AM DISAPPOINTED IN U !!!!! :( I am not a friend ya3nee :'( I have always thought of u as friend of mine! :'(

Danya A. said...

LOL Mayadaaaaaaaaa!!!
It saddens me how you have a life yet you still have time to do stuff that people who have no lives do.
I'd dedicate something to you, too, but... it can wait :P
bezyada cute. Thank you <3
And I'm going to be cured. Just you wait.

Moodiez said...

Amma SARA F?? shda3waa.. i just added a lil more than the girls in our class.. lessa bas el moshkela i didnt write everyone yet..

And 3adyyy shda3waa saraa 3moody..
loool.. okkk Danya :P :P

Noor Gritly said...

Awwww !! Mayadaa !! Ur such a sweeetheart wallaah !! You, yourself is an amazing person.. you're on of a kind.. !! you're smart, you're fun, you're funny and amazingly gorgeous and creative !!

You're a hard worker and you deserve everything you want <3

Wallah I dont know what to say :O as they say *a3jaz 3n al t3beeer*

I love youu and will love you forever and always !!!

U're an amazing friend <3 !!

Deema said...

I love you and your creativeness <3

Maryam Al-Amer said...

Thanks Mayada ;) Mrrra 7lo el klaam mshlla grait klll ely ktbteeeeh <3 love you :")

Anonymous said...

Mshalla 3leeke Mayada .. what can i say ?
more than ur such a good person full of creativity .. ?
ur so sweet, knid, smart and honest. That's why u have manye friends <3
alla y5leena la b3'6 Nshalla :)
ur the pearl walla! a special one. ;)

i LOVE you.
& i love your writing
keep it up Mayada ;)
<3 You.

Anonymous said...

ana mo anonymous!
i didn't know what to pick!
dunoo how to deal with this thing =/
btw im 3lyaa :D

Moodiez said...

Sheda3wa!! U all deserve more!!
Luv ya all ;)

Anonymous said...

RA7 AHAWSHIKK BGWAAA!! i ddnt find my name:(( la haha im kidding 7abibty :) mwa7

Moodiez said...

The problem is that i dunno who u r :P
ur Anonymous

Anonymous said...

mayada you're so switching to wordpress.

Anonymous said...

Mayada, you are great person .. you have especial b9ma in my heart & in my life ..
Through your simple words, I can see a reflection ( mirror ) of my thoughts and feelings .. I really love you .. and you are 1 of my best friends forever .. Time, place, and life can't change what I feel about you ..

Moodiez said...

DAMN!! WHO ARE U?? i bet i love u too!! ;)

Anonymous said...

lol zainab

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