When I entered school was like being “egged”, and in my egg inside that shell, I am getting ready for the outside. I have everything I need inside my shell, and I am developing myself with skin and feathers to become ready to go outside and burst out of my egg to face what they call: the world. I have everything I need provided in my egg; knowledge, food, and shelter.

I am excited to meet the outer world where I can expand my understanding of this complex dimension and fill my life with experiences that would make me the best chick ever. I want to grow and be as useful as possible around the barn. I’m going to do the impossible to be special. I’m going to be the flying chicken!!

I am going to do what others haven’t dared to do: the impossible, the unthinkable; the different. I flip my short wings to lift my heavy body until I feel wind tickling the ends of my feet.


Anonymous said...

I admire ur ambition ..I think u are special by writing these breath-taking articles !! keep it up ;D

Moodiez said...

Aww!!! Thank you very much!!
This is what keeps me going.. receiving motivating feedback <3 :)

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