Hidden Meanings Within

The journey of life, the path to the future, the struggle between uncertainty, risk, and security, the blizzard of confusion, the consequence of decision, all were storming in my mind, my most trustworthy organ, my brain. With all the stress, all the possibilities, and all the options, one could not help but become lost and seek for the safest path. However, as I was inspired by Robert Frost, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and this made all the difference”, I choose to take the road less traveled by. My words, as well as my thoughts, seen by some as most complex, while to others are seen as I expressed. I choose to write what could be considered most unique, or its uniqueness could be a destructive element, but as I said, I choose to take the road less traveled by. The beauty of words cannot be seen, unless meanings are beyond lines and sentences. This is the path I choose to go by.

(A drawing symbolizing how I step through the raod less traveled by, the changes in the colors of my footsteps shows how I am flexible to change my methods in order to face the difficulties I face. The other road, more clear and shiney, is lightened, which most have traveled by it)

I was born into the world blind. I cannot see. What I see is a glimpse of light that I was not capable of enjoying until recently. I owe it all to my school. The school I went to gave me the hint of light that I can see, for they were the manual book to obtain knowledge. I got into it, and then discovered that the random shapes and symbols actually mean something. They could be actually used to get thoughts and ideas onto papers. This is just one step, it seems simple, but to learn to read and write is life changing. Nowadays, most are literate, and here I am writing on a paper that is supposed to show my individuality, while I am speaking of common.
I am the glass window of an old cottage, or a massive palace, as long as I am transparent, and fragile. I cannot hide what I am or what I think of, and I cannot prevent myself from saying too much. This could be good, if never exploited, and used against me. I am sensitive, and I cannot hide the feelings inside. I have the belief that I am capable of doing everything, even when I am lacking time and energy. This means that I over-trust myself, too much, perhaps? As I trust myself, I trust my transparency, and trust my beliefs, I choose to take the road less traveled by.
What empower my personality are my ambitions, though several had said that I can’t, but I believe I do, as I like to hope for the best-case-scenario; the positive probability. I tamed my blinded eyes to see the positive meanings in depressing, negative words, the beauty of flames in fires, the rainbow at the end of a rainy day, and the positive ions among chlorides and oxides. I have always preferred multiplication and addition on subtraction and division. This way I could ensure myself that I could have a blissful life enjoying the simple things. This is how I take risks. This is how I choose the hard way. This is how I go through the road less taken.
I am the rabbit in The Rabbit & the Turtle story, in its competitiveness, ego and confidence. This also could be a knife with two ends, with or against me. Nevertheless, to be interested in competing in scientific and educational matters is most likely going to support me throughout my future life, as it did throughout my school life. Now, it supports me and pushes me toward the cold, dark road.
I am the exploiter. Utilizing chances our school provides is the best policy; because as a Saudi Muslim girl, I cannot deny that we girls do not have that many opportunities. Our school was different, it compensated for the opportunities our unreasonable society did not provide, or has not provided enough. Therefore, I could say that I have done much, and I know I would not have done all my achievements without the help of God, my supportive parents, and the chances the school offered. I believe that I had done plenty of impressive doings, and had come across constructive experiences that actually created skills in me that I can benefit from throughout my life. I will not elaborate. What I had done is past and what is still going to be with me when I go to college is myself; my personality; my characteristics. These are what I could carry with me, as I continue my steps through the road that seems endless; the road less taken.
Among people, in the middle of society, I am not the popular one who sits and waits for less than five minutes for the crowd to gather around me. In school, I am seen by my friends like I really am, but others, the base their assumption of who I am on what I do. High school years are pretty similar in most countries, and here I am speaking about the same stereotypes that we can find in UK, China, Somalia, or Costa Rica; wherever. I am accepted as they, my classmates, know me, and my friends accept me because they know me. As long as I am accepted, I cannot complain, but I prefer not to base assumptions on what a person has achieved to create a picture of his/her personality and characteristics; I consider it stereotypical. I do not want anyone to assume that I am the bravest, and the most adventurous, because I chose the road less taken.
I am the villager who visited New York for the first time, only buildings are knowledge. I am not like the villager in his simple life but I am the villager in his fascination. I believe that one could always dive deeper, for the sea of knowledge is bottomless. I am the villager; the traveler who chooses the road less traveled by.
With the theme of the last minutes of the inspiring influential scene of the sunset, the last ray of light is fading, as I come to a conclusion. “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both.” The road less traveled by, less attractive, less tempting, less appealing, challenging, risky, mysterious, dangerous, and is a road to the unknown, but at the end it is the road I choose, and it makes my final destination worth all the time and effort. The sun had hid along with the meanings I wish to deliver but cannot express. I am walking alone through the road less traveled by, foggy, and dark.


Moodz-kun said...

Unbelievable! I'm just simply in awe here! Your words are like a blazing flame!
I, too, take the road less traveled by. Actually, I've been doing so subconsciously since i was a kid.
Anyways, Loved it Mayada! It was a pleasure reading this!

Mayada M.H said...

Aww!! thanks so much!! :)

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