The Grass Will Be Always Greener This Side

I had no other choice but to become Saudi. I had no other choice but to be born a female in Saudi. That was God’s will, and I will not change what God has decided. I lived most of the 17 years of my life opposing whatever I find not up to my satisfaction level here in Saudi Arabia. I have lived here all my life, but as they have always said: “The grass is always greener the other side.” Actually, the grass was in fact always greener in the other side. The grass is greener in Britain, and America. The grass is also greener in Malaysia and Thailand. However, I did not try to “make our grass greener.” Instead, I focus so hard on finding ways to get to the other side where the grass is greener.
My attitude wasn’t right. I should not keep looking at the positive points of “the other side,” but should look at the positive point of my country that I belong to, and the negative points that are vulnerable to the power of human minds and the creativity of Saudi’s youth. I know that I can leave this area, where I can’t find the grass green enough for me, yet it would only mean that I am weak as I am escaping my troubles.
In order to make a plan to develop Saudi Arabia, I should look at the things that lead to the yellowish color of our grass. What most kept me against my beloved country in most discussions I have about this country is about women in Saudi. When I ask myself about the claims I used in those discussions, I feel a bit silly. Do I want to move out of the country because women cannot drive? Maybe it was rather wise than careless when the government outlawed driving for the protection of Saudi women, but I am not here to debate that. I am here to suggest how I could develop my country within the limitations the country has put for me.
My main goal to improve Saudi is to utilize the talents and capabilities of Saudi women who did not have the chance to put their talents in the right places. Though it may seem impossible for an individual my age to accomplish this, but influencing ambitious Saudis and creating a supporting team would make my dream come true. Since the day we’ve heard that the trip to the moon became possible, we should never think that anything is impossible.
We have very talented women here in Saudi, but sometimes it is not clear where to use those talents. My idea is mainly to establish a special center for each talent and capability, and to support the inner potential of these women. For example, establish women’s public art exhibitions for artist amateurs. Establish design centers producing local clothing and accessories that have women staff who are interested in sewing and making interesting designs. Publishing stories and books written by Saudi women should be spread and supported. Sports matches and competitions should be held.
Basically, each center should have one or more year courses that teach the basic skills the female should have in order to produce. Whatever is produced could be sold and/or places in exhibitions. This way we can use what these Saudi women can do, and at the same time form local industries.
We want our Saudi women not to feel less than Saudi men. The thing here is that many women here in Saudi see that men are offered more and easier opportunities than women. I have been in this phase myself. Maybe it is because the country is just recently becoming open-minded and they are starting to provide more chances for women. I can see that. I also see many determined motivated open-minded women that outnumber the chances provided.
As soon as I graduate from college, I am going to -if God permits- establish my own small organization to move closer to my goal. It is not that hard to find individuals who have similar visions as me. This team could be made up of men and women, but serves for empowering women and giving them chances to show this country how they could help in making their grass greener. I am sure that I would find many supporters and a sponsor as well.
My idea might be a job opportunity to some women, while to some it is a proof how Saudi women could be as productive and beneficial as the most successful men in Saudi, or even more. We have many women who became very successful without having those clear opportunities in front of them, by fighting and struggling to obtain such chances. We don’t want any struggles and difficulties when it comes to chances. I believe that everyone should have a chance to prove himself. Since women are the least here given those chances, we should offer more chances to them.


Anonymous said...

May, you are truly talented. Keep up the great work, and pretty soon I'll start owing YOU cookies. : ]

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Anonymous said...

i believe that the women in saudi arabia gotta work just like the men ..
most people here believe that the women have been created just to clean the house and having sex with -_-
Keep it up !!

Moodiez said...


Well, that's the thing.. only many are changing that idea of course.. but yeah women should have equal chances as men..

As Muslims we should always go back to Islam as our source of guidance. In the past, Aisha used to work as a business women, and women used to ride on camels and travel alone. The country should also go back to Islam as a source of guidance to set laws. Women should drive (because women rode camels) and women should work if they wanted to (because they did in the past)..

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