Goals of Mirage

We keep running behind our hopes and dreams. We keep aiming at goals and targets. We spend our lives running behind those goals, but are they goals really? Or can we really arrive in our aimed destinations?
To keep motivated, we tell ourselves that we’re almost there; but are we? When we arrive we might feel that it was nothing but a mirage; an illusion we kept galloping after. In a desert, hot and dry, we can see waters from a distance, looks like a blue mirror lying above the sands. We cannot run, we cannot walk. We can barely move as we have almost no energy left in our bodies. We crawl to reach the waters and save ourselves, but find out that the water was a devious mirage.
It has been said that most of the failures have been accomplished not only by not achieving high aims, but mostly by aiming low. Either way, one aimed too high, too idealistic, or one aimed too low. Is life really about setting goals? Or is it about knowing how to set them?


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