-"Hello :)"
- "asl?" (age, sex, location)
- "16, m, US.. u?"
- "17, f, Saudi.. Nice to meet you :)"
- ".. ****, terrorist!! Don't you have a tower to bomb?"
- "Hmm, I am busy speaking to a stereotype"
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Occurred a lot. Not by Americans only, surprisingly, even an Egyptian did the same. And even more shocking, Americans are probably the LEAST racist against non-Americans (which shows how more mature they are, and how their country is multicultural). As for whoever's in the far-east, they hesitate before stating where they are from, why? Because of the fear of stereotypical harsh words, or of seeing: "Your conversational partner has disconnected" at the end of the screen.

Dear RE, (Racist-Egyptian)..
I am not pointing out the nationality to make a new stereotype, but to show how even Arabs are being racist against other Arabs, and because till now, this is the only way I can refer to you.
and Dear RPCP (Racist People Calling for Peace);

1- I am not a terrorist:
I am a Muslim, and Islam calls for peace and treating others fairly. Just because Osama Bin Laden is Saudi and Muslim it doesn't mean that he is a good representative of Islam. Funny, in religion, we take that in a Muslim country, we should not only leave non-Muslims celebrate their religious events and worship God in their own way, but we are also not allowed to bring down churches, temples, and other holly sites, AND (something I'm really mad that they teach it this late, at the age of 17), we have to do our obligations to them as anyone else: visit their sick, or contribute to charity for them.

2- I am happy. Women are not in a cell.
I live an easy life, really. I can go out. I travel a lot, 3 times with my school and friends. I don't cover my face. I can't drive, but I have a driver. I receive an advanced level of education. I have ambitions. I have a personality. I have feelings. There are negative points, a lot of them, (HELL YA,, a great DEAL of them). In the end, I smile, I laugh. I am happy.

3- I wear a veil. I feel safe with it.
Girls in Saudi Arabia aren't more than any none Muslim girl anywhere else, we're not more beautiful or anything, but the beauty we have doesn't have to be shown (Umm, I don't ever want to be a star of a story as a victim of rape). Boys, and men, shouldn't gaze at me as if I was a product they're checking out. We are pearls. We keep our beauty inside our shells for our husbands and relatives to see. This way there will be also less cheating in marriages, and several other benefits.

4- I feel hurt by what is said. Still, not offended by questions.
I am hurt when someone call me a terrorist, not because I take it personally. It is because it is sad how foreigners' perspectives are becoming about Saudi. However, when someone asks about my religion or nationality, and no one has to say "no offense" before and after each question,

Racism, stereotypes, not only against me, it's against the world. Why keep it there? One day, it may be the wall trapping peace out of countries. If only Martin Luther King Jr. is here again to restate his longlasting words: "I have a dream."


Lite Brite said...

1st comment, w0000t~~

Anyway, racism & stereotypes are a horrible thing. What you just went through with the American sixteen year old male, I have went through with white people when I was younger.

I used to have this friend Craig. He was white, as was everyone else that I knew. In fact, at that point in my life.. My family was probably one of the few colored families in a 70 mile diameter. Anyway, bacc to my friend Craig. He didn't mind the fact that I was blacc. Neither did his older brother, at least so I thought. We always went & hung out at his older brother's house.. Just kiccin' bacc, listenin' to some music, playin' video games & throwin' bacc a few Smirnoff's each. Then one day we were supposed to kicc it there & Craig told me that we couldn't go over there. I didn't think anything of it & so we just went to his house. A few days later, I found out his brother didn't want me over there anymore because Craig told him that I was 1/2 blacc. I can't even tell you how devastated I was. Someone wouldn't let me in their house just because of my skin-tone. Actually, it wasn't even my skin-tone because he had the same skin-tone as me. He wouldn't let me into his house because of my father's skin-tone, a gene that wasn't even passed on to me. Even if it had been passed on to me, it still would've been wrong of Craig's brother to deny me entry into his home for such a ludicrous reason..

But a few weeks later I was at Craig's house at the same time as his brother & his brother apologized to me & told me that I can come bacc to his house. & I did go bacc, lol.

Well, I guess I was kinda rambling. xD Anyways, the point of this comment was to say that wherever you go you will find prejudiced people & that will never change. They will always be here. BUT, people can change.. & we should try our best to change people's perspectives. Because it can happen. :]

Sorry for my long almost-pointless comment, lmao.

Peace & Love,

Moodiez said...

Thank you for your comment.. and this is true.. it happens everywhere.. even when I moved for one year to the capital of Saudi, Riyadh, they were very racist against me.. :P just because i come from a different province!! :P

but we might be able to change that if we deal with it smartly.. Duuno how though :P

Shadow said...

wow.. Mayada ksh5a... :P

ugg i hate when people do that,
its like the whole point of omegle is to meet new people from all around the world,


Sarah F said...

Mayadaaaa !!!! WOW AMAAAZING !!!! This is the first post i read :P The title was what made me read it the first !!! I LOVE IT !!! haha i'll go read ur other posts now ! And i don't have to comment on each and every one of them and tell u how beautifully written they r I AM SURE THEY ARE ALL SO GOOOOD!! so proud of u !!

P said...

ignorant morons. the racists that is. if someone would write that to me i'd perceive it as a joke, it's beyond me how people reason when they assume someone's a terrorist due to his or her nationality. stupidity.

Moodiez said...

Omg shadia and Sara thaaaankss!!

and P,, I wouldn't perceive it as a joke.. it's just plain racism.. and they don't believe it truly, i bet!

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